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The World of Blogging

I can’t believe that at my advanced age, I have joined the 21st century and I’m actually using my very first “social networking” technique – I’ve taken on the role of blogging for Bonnie Blue Quilts. My children will be so proud. I’ve also even joined Facebook – so many new ways to communicate.

Let me begin by introducing myself and Bonnie Blue Quilts. As most of you know, Bonnie Blue Quilts is an online store that specializes in reproduction patterns, kits and fabric. I’m Mary Ellen (the one that gets to sew all of our quilts) and I will be the “blogger”. We hope that our blog will let you get to know Bonnie Blue Quilts just a little more.

Last week BBQ was on its very 1st company retreat. Robin, Cindy, and Joan joined Paula, Marcie, and I at the Compass Centre in Mount Calm, TX. We had a wonderful time sharing stories, sewing, eating, and mostly laughing. I think there is a future for Cindy as an activities or cruise director. I don’t know how many finished projects we actually went home with, but we had a great time.

BBQ is on the road again at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach. Paula, Robin and I drove out here in 3 days (1 whole day was just Texas), set up today and just finished Preview Night.

BBQ Booth

It was great to see some of our wonderful customers already. Should be a good show and we are just loving this Southern California weather.

Long Beach Harbor

Today was a busy day, but hopefully tomorrow we’ll be able to get out of the booth and see what’s new at the show.


3 thoughts on “The World of Blogging

  1. Hello girls – I’m a virgin – blogger that is. This is my first time. I’ve already been on Facebook for a couple of years, and want to know why Mary Ellen isn’t my friend? Isn’t it great to learn all of this technical stuff at our ages? Loved reading about your trips & the sleep-over – what I hadn’t already heard. About “Cindy” being a cruise director – she’s too expensive!!! Loved touring your new “digs”, and you definitely need those walkie-talkies. Keep the blogging (is that the proper terminology) going. Wish I could be traveling with you all sometime!!!

  2. I did not see that you had the Denver area Quilt a Fair still on your list of upcoming events. Many of us in the Denver area were looking forward to Bonnie Blue being there. are you still coming?

    • Oh yes, we will definitely be at Quilt-A-Fair in Longmount. We loved it last year and are looking forward to our return visit. So glad to hear that you are looking forward to seeing us. We have some great new quilts to share with you. I’ll be sure to have Marcie check our upcoming events page and add Quilt-A-Fair. See you in September – now that sounds like a song I know.

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