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Stars Over Fort Sumter

Yes, one of our favorite quilts is coming back.  We found just the right fabrics, our dear friend Kathy Johnson was kind enough to make the quilt top and now its being quilted by our favorite custom quilters.  Marcella and Margie of Crooked Creek Quilt Shop in Greenwood, AR are phenomenal custom quilters.  If you have seen any of the quilts they have quilted for us (Oak Alley, Lancaster, Grace, Nellie’s Wedding Quilt, and Crazy Bet are just a few), then you know what I’m talking about – just gorgeous!  They are so kind to us, too.  We are trying to get new quilts done for Market and they graciously work with our crazy schedule.  Watch for this beautiful new quilt to appear on our website in the near future.  Here’s a sneak preview of the fabrics we used.

Stars Over Fort Sumter

Stars Over Fort Sumter

Stars Over Fort Sumter is just one of the oldies that will be returning in new fabrics.  We’ve got all sorts of people doing all sorts of “redo’s” as we call them.  I’ll keep you updated with sneak previews on their progress, but watch for a new Belle Meade, a new Vicksburg, and a new Glory Bound.

The weekend is coming and that means lots of sewing time – Web Sampler Finishing Quilt to finish, Bonnie Blue’s America to start – and I will definitely be enjoying my sewing room.  Remember, we live in Texas – hot, humid Texas. Well our downstairs AC unit stopped working yesterday and probably won’t be fixed until Monday (insert groaning here) AND my sewing room is UPSTAIRS.  We may have to take in a movie in the middle of the day, but hopefully the upstairs AC unit can keep up the good work and keep the upstairs fairly cool.  Ah, the joys of living in Texas.

Paula hit the road yesterday for Jacksonville, FL.  She’s doing a lecture and teaching a class at The Olde Green Cupboard.  I’m so jealous.  Gloria and the girls are some of the sweetest people you could ever meet and the shop is like dying and going to heaven.  It’s a quilt/gift/antique store and they just decorated for Fall.  It’s probably just as well I didn’t go; we would have needed the trailer to bring home all of the things I would have wanted to buy there.

Well, that’s all for today.  Time to head to the warehouse and see what new goodies have arrived We love our UPS man.


3 thoughts on “Stars Over Fort Sumter

  1. Oh I LOVE that fabric! I wish I lived closer to Olde Green Cupboard. They are always having such great, fun things going on. And now Paula is there!! Sigh…..

  2. What sweet things you said about the Olde Green Cupboard… thanks so much. Paula is “in the building”! When she came to the store everyone squealed with glee. Today – myself (Gloria), my sister (Vicky) and Paula are having a sewing day at Vic’s BIG kitchen table. I’m planning to sneak some picutes so I can put them on my blog (www.oldegreencupboardblogspot.com.) Won’t it be fun to see all of in the NO MAKEUP mode with old T-shirts on and thread all over us? Hee Hee… Don’t tell them… it’s a secret! WE LOVE YOU BONNIE BLUE QUILTS!!!
    Sew a bunch today! Gloria

    • What a great day – sewing with good friends. Have a great time (and of course, take pictures). Wish I was there. Is there room around that big table for 1 more? I plan to sew a lot this weekend and should have some great pictures to share, too. Say “hi” to the girls at the shop for me.

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