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Life is Good…

Because Paula is home, my AC is working, and the temperature wasn’t in the high 90’s yesterday!!!!!

Paula returned home from her whirlwind tour and guest lecture series in Florida and Louisiana on Sunday and she’s back in the warehouse designing quilts.  Monday was settle back in and enjoy Robin’s delicious homemade cranberry-orange muffins day and Tuesday was pull fabric for a new quilt day.  We’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of the sample cuts for 2 of Paula’s new fabric collections with Marcus Fabrics that will “debut” at Fall Market and showcase  in new quilts with BBQ, soooo until then Paula is designing some “scrappy” quilts with fabric we currently have in the warehouse.  The cutting room table has a  pile of fabric in beautiful reds, greens, and tealish blues that I will cut for the sample quilt today.  Can’t wait to get started on this one.  I wish I could get inside Paula’s mind as she is working on the design and pulling the fabrics that will eventually go in the quilt.  It is amazing to watch and apparently requires a lot of eye squinting to be sure the colors look right together.  We meet with one of our fabric reps today, so I’m sure the wheels will be working again today.

It was a busy weekend for the Bonnie Blue “sewing team”.  My AC is working again (thanks to Daniel, the AC repairman – my new BFF), so Marcie and I had a sewing day at my house.  We each worked on a new patriotic Glory Bound that we will debut at the PIQF-Santa Clara and International Quilt Festival in Houston.  Marcie worked exclusively on her Glory Bound and she could easily have finished by the end of the weekend, but a new fabric collection (19th Century Reds from Windham Fabrics) needed to be added to the website.  I finished our quilt with Bonnie Blue’s America.  Robin spent Saturday and Sunday sewing  on the new Vicksburg quilt using Moda’s Alliance.  And despite being a bit under the weather, Cindy worked on a new Simple Star quilt.  What a great group of ladies we have working with us.

Here’s a couple of “sneak peek” photos of 2 of the new quilts:  Vicksburg and Glory Bound.

Vicksburg - ME favoriteGlory Bound - new

Our quilters have been hard at work too.  I picked up 2 completed quilts from Sharon and received one in the mail from Crooked Creek.  WOW – they are all absolutely beautiful.  What talented ladies!!!!  These 3 now go on to Shirley, our binder.  Yup, we “outsource” everything we possibly can.  Shirley’s binding is beautiful and  I’ve yet to find where she starts and stops on any of the quilts she’s done for us.  Bonnie Blue’s America shipped off to Crooked Creek on Monday and Sharon will be receiving Glory Bounds and a new Second Hand Clothes when she returns on Friday from a mini vacation.  Rest up ladies, Bonnie Blue is gearing up for Market.  We even warned the printer to clear the machine for early October.

Paula had a great trip and I plan to share some of her pictures, but for now check out the Spinning Monkey blog from Wednesday, August 26th for some great photos of Paula’s lecture on the History of the Bonnie Blue Quilts that she did in Jacksonville, FL.  Great photos.  Apparently the ladies in Lafayette were impressed that Paula could name each quilt just by looking at the backing.

In addition to all of the sewing this past weekend, Peter and I took time to celebrate our 37th anniversary at dinner on Saturday evening.  Our actual anniversary was during the week, but he was out of town (he, not me – for a change).   We  met in 1969, that year of other major historical events –  man’s 1st walk on the moon and Woodstock – while we were in college in upstate New York (Cornell and SUNY-Cortland). Peter has been going through old pictures and scanning them into his computer and he found some from that “era”.  Let’s just say that we’ve changed and that my kids had a great laugh.

Well time to head to the warehouse and get some work done.  Happy quilting.


3 thoughts on “Life is Good…

  1. We just celebrated our 43rd on Aug 27, we are just a couple years ahead – long time but doesn’t seem like it. Happy Anniversary. Arla in Arizona

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