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Web Sampler Celebration IV

Yay – the website for Web Sampler Celebration IV is now live.  You can see all of the blocks and some of the finishing kits.  The links are set for the shops and some shops are even ready for pre-orders.  I just spent some time looking at the finishing kits and all I can say is WOW!  These quilts are just beautiful and you are going to have a hard time deciding which one you want to use.   Remember the program begins September 15th and runs through December 15th – just 3 short months.  You purchase all 12 of the blocks from the 12 different shops – you can do this the 1st day or space it out over 3 months – and then you decide which finishing kit you like.  You could also purchase fabric from the Bonnie Blue’s America collection and design your own finishing kit.  Whatever you choose, I’m sure you are going to love your quilt.  Enough with the sneak previews, here’s our finishing kit:

Web Sampler IV Finishing Kit

Web Sampler IV Finishing Kit

Yesterday Peter, Caitlin and I welcomed a new member to our family – a rescue Keeshond.  Our dog died while we were on vacation and we decided that this time around we would adopt a rescue dog.  Jake is our 4th Keeshond, but 1st rescue dog.  My older children each have rescue dogs and we thought it was time to take in a dog that has had a tougher start to their life.  We adopted Jake through  Tri-State Keeshond Rescue and so far things are going great.  From the little bit of history that they had about Jake, we learned that he is very frightened of thunderstorms and what did we have yesterday afternoon – a very intense thunderstorm!  He was nervous, but did very well – he curled up under one of our end tables and just waited it out.

Jake - our new Keeshond

Jake - our new Keeshond

Well, the sewing machine is calling me again.  I’m finishing up Paula’s new design in reds, greens, and teals.  It’s a quick sew, so you will love it.  I’ll try for some pictures tomorrow.  Right now it’s pinned together and in a plastic bag!

Hopefully tomorrow is part of a 3 day weekend for you and that you’ve got something great planned.  For many of you, it is your last day of summer as school starts on Wednesday!!!  Enjoy and happy quilting.


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