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Ok, I know I just “blogged” last night, but I woke up this morning and my mind was a-buzz with things I wanted to share.  I don’t often wake up like that, so I decided I’d better take advantage of these “thoughts” and get busy writing.  Sooooo……

Most of you know that Bonnie Blue Quilts is strictly an online store; there is no brick and mortar store that goes along with the website.  We are 2 rather large side-by-side warehouses with additional office space in a storage unit complex.  In other words, we are not fancy or pretty in any way.  One warehouse is the fabric warehouse and it houses all of the fabric that you can purchase on the website and the other warehouse is the kit warehouse.  This is where all of the fabric that we use in our kits is kept. Fabric that is “assigned” to a current kit is basically untouchable and can’t be used for anything else.  There is also a color wall in this warehouse – shelves of fabric bolts organized by color.  This is the part of the warehouse that Paula goes to when she is pulling fabric for a new quilt. You could probably call this “design central”.

Paula and I were “walking the warehouse” on Friday as we prepare for our upcoming shows in PA, CO, CA and of course Festival in Houston (see our Events page for more details on these shows).  We were doing the impossible – trying to get a number for each of the current and new kits that we will need for these upcoming shows.  Basically we just guess, but it helps to have some number in mind when we start cutting the fabric.  Paula was also looking at available fabric and planning new quilts – I don’t think her mind ever stops when it comes to design.  Ohhh, I forgot to tell you, these warehouses are NOT air conditioned, so when we are in there doing all of this planning, we are dying of the heat and sweating like crazy.

Also in this warehouse are the shelves where we keep the fat quarter bundles that are on the website – full price and Sales Corner.  As I was looking at the shelves, I realized that these may be items that you don’t really get to see too well. They are listed with the fabric collections on the website and there are small swatches pictured of each of the fabrics, but I thought it might be worthwhile to maybe give you a better “picture” of some of these bundles.  I thought I would target some of the bundles that are currently in the Sales Corner Windham Basics (Windham Fabrics) and Coverlet II (Windham Fabrics) and 1 regular priced bundle:  1800’s Blended Traditions (In the Beginning Fabrics).

Windham Basics

Windham Basics

Windham Basics is just what it says: stripes, dots, pin dots, checks in reds, greens, blues, browns, and blacks.  These are great fillers for any quilt.  We also still have yardage on many of these fabrics (also in the Sales Corner).

Coverlet II

Coverlet II

Coverlet II is actually a half-yard cut bundle, so you have more of these gorgeous large prints to play with in your quilt.  I’ve seen a lot of magazines featuring quilts in these fabrics.  We also have yardage in this collection and The Coverlet Collection by Mary Koval (Blank Quilting) in the Sales Corner.  Both of these collections “play” well with each other.

1800's Blended Traditions

1800's Blended Traditions

1800’s Blended Traditions from In the Beginning Fabrics is a beautiful collection of soft florals and toiles.  If you enjoy making blended quilts, here’s a perfect collection for you.  Again, we have yardage of this collection in the Fabric section of the website.

I can’t actually believe that those pictures came out the way I hoped.  That shadow you see across all of the pictures is my arm – can’t figure out how to eliminate that!!!

Check out these great bundles and while you’re there see what else is in the Sales Corner that you just can’t live without.

I don’t know what tomorrow morning may bring – more random thought – who knows!  So until then, happy quilting.


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