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Heading Home

Yes, we are back on the road again, but this time we are heading home!!!!  We were in Longmont, CO for Quilt-A-Fair, a 2 day shopping spree for quilters.  The event is sponsored by the Colorado Quilt Council and it is really a vendor show only.  A few quilts are hung up high in the room, but basically quilters come to shop the vendors and boy do they shop.  A special thank you goes out to all the quilters that shopped and visited with us AND helped us go home with an emptier trailer!!!!  We just may have to do some shopping so we can fill that empty space.

The show also turned out to be a bit of a reunion for us and we had the chance to catch up with old friends:  Su and Dwayne Bunch from Piece Keepers in Yukon, OK and Saundra and Curtis Marquez of Nana’s Parcels in Glen Rose, TX.  We met both couples at the West Houston Quilt Guild quilt show before we even thought about opening Bonnie Blue Quilts.  Surprise visitors were Nanette Turco (former WHQG member and current Colorado resident) and Sue Spivey (Paula’s longtime friend from Texas and part time Colorado resident).  And of course there were our loyal Bonnie Blue customers.

The show ended each day by 5 pm, so Paula and I grabbed dinner to go (Five Guys Burgers one night – none in Katy yet, so we just had to stop) and headed back to our hotel for some sewing time.  We’ve been working really hard on getting everything done for the baby bed display of Paula’s new collection – Sophie and Friends.  The quilts are done and off to the quilters.  Yes, we did 2 quilts – one for our booth (that has the applique on it) and one for Marcus Fabrics’ booth.  We ended up doing tag team hand applique and it looks beautiful.  It’s off to Crooked Creek Quilts for their marvelous custom quilting.  Paula has been working on the bumper pads, but the need for a ruffler has put them on hold until we are back at home.  I finished the 2 tier bedskirt (we used the toile and the brown polka dot) and now I’m doing embroidery while we travel.  Some fancy pillows and it will all be finished.

Tomorrow is family day.  We are stopping in Dallas to visit with Paula’s mom, daughter, and granddaughter Sophie (can you guess where the name for the new fabric collection came from).  I spent time with my family when we were in Pennsylvania, so this is a great way to end the trip.  We’ll arrive back home on Tuesday and then we put it in high gear to get ready for Market, Festival, and Santa Clara.  There’s quilts to still be made, kits to be assembled, patterns to be written and printed, and fabric to be folded.

Bonnie Blue Quilts is now on Facebook, so please become our “friend”.  Wow, all this new technology and I thought I would never even learn how to text someone on my cell phone!!

I just checked out our website and apparently the UPS man has been dropping off all sorts of goodies at the warehouse.  Check out these new collections that Marcie has just added: Sophie and Friends, Inkwell II, and Stafford County and I know there are more to come.  We love our man in brown, he’s always bringing something good to us.

Sorry, no photos this time.  I’m in a hotel room in Oklahoma and everything I could take a picture of is out in the truck or packed in the trailer – the story of my life.  So good night and happy quilting for now.


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