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AQS – Des Moines

Well, we made it to Des Moines, IA and we did it in 16 hours – 1 loooong day and 1 short day.  We did the long day first so that we could get on line for unloading at the show.  We waited in the parking lot for 3 hrs for our space on the loading dock and would you believe the battery in the truck died.  Thank heavens for good friends with jumper cables and a nice fellow vendor willing to give us a “jump”.  Would you believe it happened to someone else about an hour later – must be something in the air.

We were not the only ones traveling to Des Moines; a number of friends were driving in from other states, so Gloria (from the Olde Green Cupboard got us started on a great car game.  We’ve played it before, but this time we added Phyllis and Bob (from Silver Thimble). Each car gave a list of 5 items that the other cars had to find – fire truck, yellow VW, tour bus, dead deer, Texas Roadhouse, palomino horse, white cow, Penske truck, red semi, to name a few.  You call the group after you’ve found all of your items and they give you a new list.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to call with a completed list.  Would you believe we never saw a live deer and it took forever to find a dead deer – almost negotiated all of the dead skunks, dead dog, stuffed longhorn, and other road kill that we saw for 1 dead deer.  It’s a fun way to pass the time.

Paula, Marcie, and I also played a geography alphabet game – 1st person names a location, the next person names a location that starts with the last letter of the location just named.  Great game, but eventually you run out of places that start with “e” and “o” and friends start to question the existence of places you’ve named.  All of my upstate New York and Long Island names were coming under fire.  Of course there’s a Canajoharie, Hauppauge, Yaphank, and Armonk and I never questioned any of their places (yeah, right).

This is our last show for this year, so we’re enjoying the time with the good friends that we’ve made as we travel from show to show.  This is the first time that we’ve had a booth near the lovely ladies from Back Door Quilts in Indianapolis, IN and we are right across from them.  They have some great patterns and kits in their booth and they are also participating in the Web Sampler Celebration.  Here’s a picture of Linda and Teri in front of a couple of their beautiful quilts.

Linda and Teri

Linda and Teri from Back Door Quilts

And of course, here’s our booth across the aisle.

booth at Des Moines

Our booth in Des Moines - only 1/2 of the booth - I messed up when I sent the other picture of the other half.

More soon. Happy quilting.


2 thoughts on “AQS – Des Moines

  1. Hey, did I hear Upstate New York mentioned here??? I’m from Rochester and I totally understand about all of those Upstate NY names. 🙂

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