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Back Home

It’s hard to believe, but yes we are home again and it’s for the rest of the year.  Our next show isn’t until January 2010 – Road to California – so for now it’s regroup, reorganize, reunite with family and the always dreaded – clean the warehouses.  It’s amazing how quickly we can trash them when we’re getting ready for a show or shows.  They haven’t had a good cleaning since before Market and Festival. We unloaded the trailer and reorganized the kits and bundles, so now we ACTUALLY know what we have available for the website.  So now it’s time to get in and clean up the shelves – UGH!!!  Not my idea of a fun time, but at least it’s a little cooler in the warehouse.  The weather has been beautiful since we got back home.  We can actually leave the windows open at night AND best of all – sleep under a light blanket.

We enjoyed our visit to Des Moines and it was a great to see everyone – customers and friends.  I finally found the other picture of our booth that I messed up when I sent it to my e-mail and the picture of our good friends, Docia and Jim Fuller, from The Quilt Merchant in Winfield, Illinois.  It’s great to be home, but we’ll miss seeing the great friends we’ve made on the road.

BBQ at Des Moines

The missing photo of the other half of our booth at AQS-Des Moines.

Docia and Jim Fuller

Docia and Jim Fuller of The Quilt Merchant

I’ve had the sewing machine fired up this week after it’s much needed rest.  Paula is teaching at a retreat this weekend, so I’ve been busy finishing up the sample.  It was inspired by an antique quilt and Paula’s version in scrappy fabric, aged muslin, and red is just gorgeous.  The vertical setting is great and can we just cheer – it has no border.  YAY!!!  My new cause is “Quilts without Borders” and I love when Paula is inspired by an antique quilt that doesn’t have borders. I do have to be careful though, 1 quilt without borders usually means the next quilt will have at least 3 and 1 will be pieced!!! Next on the sewing list is another Evangeline quilt (for Marcus Fabrics) and a new version of Belle Meade, using Rouenneries by French General for Moda.  We may not be traveling, but there’s always quilts to be made.  I’ll include pictures as the sewing progresses.

Retreat quilt

Small portion of the retreat quilt

That’s all for today.  I’ll be blogging again tomorrow – something exciting to share with you.  Until then, happy quilting.  I was going to tackle the mess that is my sewing room tomorrow, but I need some help from my husband and it would seem that Caitlin has convinced him to go an MLS playoff game.  The Houston Dynamos are playing at U of H tomorrow afternoon.  That sounds way more enjoyable than hanging shelves in my sewing room.  More tomorrow.


One thought on “Back Home

  1. Wish you’d help me tackle the mess in my dining room – not to mention the basement. It’s not easy after all of the mess from the broken pipe, and having a broken elbow.
    Keep the photos & comments coming. I love keeping up with you all. Do you need any photos of your booth at Festival?
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving – miss you all!

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