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100 Blocks update


Animated book cover

Thank you for all of the great comments about Paula’s block, our blog, and our website.  I wish everyone could win a free book.

We were inadvertently left off the blog tour on Monday morning, so we were added in later and then given an additional day on the tour.  We will do our drawing for the free book on Thursday morning, so keep submitting your entries.


38 thoughts on “100 Blocks update

  1. Paula,

    What a great and patriotic block, perfect for Veteran’s Day! In the process of adopting a soldier through Soldier’s Angels (www.soldiersangels.org) where you send a letter each week and a package every month. Thought a quilt with patriotic blocks would be a perfect package to send.

    Congrats on being chosen for this special issue and, of course, please enter me in the drawing!

  2. This could become a lifetime project — all the blocks are inspiring. I always find myself liking the repro Civil War fabric blocks best.

  3. I have always loved samplers and have found lots of old quilting magazine with samplers in them. Remember the Creative Quilting little magazines? Anyway I would love to win this book.

  4. Wow, thank you again for all of your wonderful comments and we will announcing our winner in the morning. We will be selling the book on our website, so check it out and pre-order your copy. Can’t wait to get mine!

  5. A wonderful block! There’s a shop in Merkel, TX who’s collecting blocks for soldiers affected by the Ft. Hood shooting……….I think I’ll make Paula’s block for them!
    Thanks, Jane

  6. This is a great block. Maybe if I start early I can get a patriotic quilt done by summer. Congrats on being included in the book.

  7. I am late getting here, but I will still ask to be entered as I need all the help I can get and this book looks like it might help me

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