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We’re still here!!

Yes, Bonnie Blue Quilts is alive and well and I will be blogging again.  It seems that life and all of its many events managed to get  in the way of my blogging time.  Between business and personal events, we’ve had 2 cruises, 2 Thanksgiving  travels, 1 week-long sale (during my cruise – talk about timing), 3 family visits, 1 holiday luncheon, and Christmas.  And in between all of that, we’ve managed to shop for Christmas (thank you Amazon.com), decorate our homes and complete 1 quilt!!!!

Belle Meade in Rouenneries by French General for Moda is completed and it is beautiful.  Hopefully I can get the backing made tonight and then it’s off to Sharon for quilting.  Kits for this beautiful quilt should be on the website within the next 2 weeks.  Paula’s in design mode – I keep finding stacks of bolts (she’s “auditioning” the fabrics) around the warehouse!  She has some new quilts in the planning stage and re-dos of some Bonnie Blue favorites – Oak Alley in red and black, Appomattox Courthouse and Sherman’s March.  We’re also anxiously awaiting the arrival of Paula’s French Quarter collection so we can get the Evangeline kits made and shipped out.

We’re also gearing up for 2010 and we’re going to start the new year off with a bang – our Annual Winter Warehouse Only Sale on Saturday, January 2nd.  Hopefully you’ve received the e-mail about this great event.  Being an online store only, this is the only time that we open the doors and let you actually shop in our warehouse.  Now, if you can’t get to Texas for this sale, don’t panic, we’ve planned a special online event for Sunday, January 3rd.  I’ll have more details later.

I’m still feeling my way around this whole “social media” thing, but I have some ideas for the blog and our Facebook page.  I’ve been picking my daughter Megan’s brain.  She’s been working with a cross-functional team in her GE business to launch a social media strategy and has given me some ideas for staying connected to our friends – that’s you.

I’ll include a picture of Belle Meade and then it’s off to spend the day with my family.  Two of my three children are home – Megan and Caitlin – and we have plans for shopping and a movie (Sherlock Holmes) today.  Enjoy your day and happy quilting.

Belle Meade in Rouenneries and before quilting


6 thoughts on “We’re still here!!

    • Thank you, but I owe a lot to a dear friend and Spinning Stars Half-Square Triangle Paper for the 2″ half-square triangles. Cynthia Regone graciously pieced, cut and pressed all of those 2″ half-square triangles. If you haven’t tried Spinning Stars, check them out. Paula loves to use half-square triangles in her patterns and Spinning Stars are my salvation. They insure accuracy. (It also helps to have someone willing to make them for you. Thank you Cynthia).

    • It went to Sharon’s yesterday. I can’t wait to see it finished either. I’ll post a picture as soon as it is done.

  1. Love to hear you’re going to do some things with your Blog! I’m all for it. 🙂 I’m working with(at) Gloria (see me at OGC Blog) to get on the stick, too!!!

    Love to see Belle Meade in Rouenneries. I’m working with it in… oh one of the previous lines that Robyn Pandolph had. It’s such a great pattern. Love it.

    • It’s one of my many New Year’s resolutions – improve the blog. Say “hi” to Gloria and the girls at OGC for me. Great group of ladies.

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