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New Year’s Eve

It’s hard to believe that the 1st decade of the 21st century will be ending tonight.  Has it really only been 10 years since so many of us stockpiled canned food, water and cash in the unlikely event that the computer world would be unable to handle the switch from 1999 to 2000? Sounds to me like a plot for a great disaster movie! If Bonnie Blue ever fails, perhaps I could try my hand at writing screenplays!  It sure beats the other option – use our hand trucks and trailer and become a moving company.  I’ve got the name already picked out – Three Old Ladies and a Trailer Moving Company.

And now it’s time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions.  My husband thinks that this year we should each make up 5 resolutions for ourselves and 5 resolutions for each other (and Caitlin, too).  Personally I feel resolutions are a private matter, that way when I fail at them no one has to know about it besides me.  I will have the usual one about losing weight and exercising more and I will even go so far as to rejoin Weight Watchers, but for some reason I will lose any ounce of willpower I might have had as soon as we head out on our 1st quilt show road trip.  A car ride without snacks and Banana Laffy Taffy is impossible.

One of my resolutions is to stop saying “010” when I am talking about 2010.  It’s been “07”, “08” and “09”, so I automatically say “010” and then realize that’s wrong.  I’ll be working hard on that one.  So much easier than that whole diet and exercise thing!

I’m heading over to  the warehouse today so we can finish getting ready for our Winter Warehouse Sale on Saturday (January 2nd).  We’ve done this for 3 years now, but I think this will probably be the coldest it’s ever been.  So if you are planning on stopping by to shop our beautiful, non-climate controlled warehouse, be sure to dress warmly.  For the 1st time we will be following our Warehouse Sale with a Website Warehouse Sale.  That’s right, all of our fabric (regular priced and sale fabric) will be 20% off all day Sunday, January 3rd.  Make shopping at Bonnie Blue Quilts one of your New Year’s resolutions!  Just a reminder – there may be limited quantities on fabric in the Sales Corner – so plan accordingly.

Christmas gifts this year included a beautiful Bernard Passman black coral necklace that Peter purchased on our cruise (on his own without any assistance or suggestion – I was super impressed and pleased), a flat screen TV for my sewing room  and some great gifts to add to my nightstand – new books to read.  Steve Berry’s Charlemagne Pursuit is my current book, with Paris Vendetta and Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol to follow.  I also have the entire Harry Potter series.  I read all of these as they were written, but with the release of the final 2 movies (Book 7) looming on the horizon, I thought I might try to reread them and refresh my memory on what’s happening.  I also got all of the DVD’s and may go with that for my “catch -up” and save the rereading for another lifetime!  Anything to suggest for my reading list?

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve and the start of a new decade.  Be safe if you are on the road.  Happy quilting.


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