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Brrrr!!! It’s cold down here.

It’s a Bonnie Blue Quilts first – we loaded the trailer for the first quilt shows of 2010 and it was 25 degrees outside.  Usually we are struggling to pack when it’s 95 degrees outside, but not today.  Houston has been part of that unbelievable cold snap that has gripped just about all of the US ( I think California and Arizona have escaped these low temperatures).  If I closed my eyes, it felt like I was back in Poughkeepsie (too much sun to be Syracuse!) in the middle of January, not Houston, TX.  Peter and Caitlin came to help Paula, Marcie and I and I wish they had let me take pictures – Nanook of the North has nothing on any of us.

This was our first time to load in just low temperatures, but we have also loaded the trailer in ice and freezing rain.  We were stranded in Oklahoma City a few years back with an ice storm and couldn’t leave for a week.  That storm and being stranded was the main reason I bought a sewing machine for traveling.  A week with time on my hands and no sewing machine was more than I could handle.  My travel machine goes with me to every show now.  It is actually next on my list of things to do:  pack my clothes and pack my machine and project.  I’ll be working on our new Appomattox Court House (reds and blacks – should be gorgeous).  Here’s a peek:

Appomattox Court House in blacks and red

Paula and I head out tomorrow for our 3 day road trip to Road to California in Ontario, CA.  It’s a long trip, but this is a great show and now I’ll brag – last year we won a ribbon for “Best Booth”.  When this show is over, we will drive 3 days back to Jefferson, TX for the quilt show there.  This is a smaller show, but still a great show.  The organizers of this show are phenomenal and a great group to work with – plus they feed you really well!  It will be nice to see old friends at both of these shows.  We will be on the road for 2 weeks.  I will also have to gather up my car projects.  Paula drives and I talk to her and keep her awake, but I have to have something to do.  This is a source of concern for Paula because apparently I whine about every project I’ve tried – locker latch rug hooking, crocheting, English paper piecing, smocking, counted cross stitch, and the list goes on and on.  I’ll have to see what goes in my “activity bag”, as my mother-in-law called her bag, this time.  I have quite a few projects that need to be finished.

I thought you might like to see what goes into our trailer for a show.  After the Des Moines show, we unpacked all of the bins with kits and bundles and left on all of the furniture and decor that we take with us.  During the week we repacked bins with more kits and bundles and stored them in the front of the kit warehouse.  We had 1 large pile that will pretty much cover both shows we are going to and 1 pile that is extra “stuff” for the Jefferson show.  We never really know how much to bring to any show – it’s always a guessing game and sometimes our guess is way off.  Today we loaded it all on the trailer and as you can see from the last photo – it is packed right up to the door!!! Not an ounce of space left!!!  Fortunately the back seat of the truck is empty and that’s where all of our personal stuff goes.

Bins ready to be loaded

Extra bins for Jefferson Show

Trailer filled with furniture and decor - before bins are added

Trailer - filled to capacity

Some day I am going to figure out how to insert pictures that are smaller and will fit in a row.  One of my many New Year’s resolutions, but one I forget about until I am actually at the computer and trying to insert pictures that are smaller and fit in a row!

Now, as our loyal customers, it is your job to get out to these quilt shows (and future ones) and help us drive home with a lighter trailer by buying some of those kits and bundles we loaded onto our trailer!

Packing calls and we are on the road at 7 AM, so I had a better finish getting ready.  I’ll let you know how our trip goes.

Happy quilting.


9 thoughts on “Brrrr!!! It’s cold down here.

  1. Hi Paula and Bonnie!

    Looking forward to visiting your booth at “Road 2 California”…You are on the top of my list!


    Elaine Petrik in SLO, Ca

    • Aren’t those fabrics just beautiful!!! The blacks and lights are from all different collections, but the red border print is from Andover’s Hearthstone collection. We will put the kit on the website as soon as I finish the quilt. This quilt goes together very quickly, so I would expect it to be ready in February. It will need quilting, binding and a photo session. I’ll put it in the blog too, so watch for it.

      • Thanks for taking the time to reply. The fabrics are gorgeous!! I look forward to seeing the finished quilt on your website.


        P.S. Do you know what size it will be?

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