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Almost there…

We made it to El Paso and we did it in 11 hours.  Paula did a great job and now we are sitting in our hotel room and “playing” on our computers.  The weather was beautiful – nice sunny day so you don’t notice the cold as much.  Looking forward to some warmer weather in Southern California.

Tomorrow we head to Blythe, CA (about 9 hours).  We have to make a stop somewhere for Paula to pick up some shoes.  Sounds good to me – I can always shoe shop.  Tuesday it’s Ontario and we should be able to do that in about 3 hours.  Already googled “Pinkberry” and found 2 locations that are about 7 miles away.  Definitely on our list of things to do while  in California.

I hauled the “activity bag” with me, but didn’t open it today; maybe tomorrow.  I brought a locker latch hook purse, a crocheted baby afghan that needs a border and 2 small counted cross stitch Halloween stockings.  What shall I do, what shall I do – that is the question.  Maybe I’ll have to find a new project to work on!!!!  I’m looking forward to Tuesday when we arrive at our hotel and I get to set up my sewing machine.  I’m itching to get started on the new Appomattox Court House.

Also googled “Charleston”s – great restaurant with the most delicious bread pudding in the world.  We discovered them in Oklahoma and found out there’s one in Ft.  Worth – already planned lunch on our trip to the Jefferson Quilt Show.  Why do these trips become about food?  Also looking forward to dinner at Five D Cattle Company and Meat Market in Avinger, TX.  With 14 days of dining out for every meal, you really start to look for and plan on some good meals.  By the end of the trip we cry when we see a fast-food restaurant.

Sleep is calling and I’m still working my way through Steve Berry’s The Charlemagne Pursuit.  School librarian moment: Congratulations to Katherine Paterson on being named “National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature”. Ms. Paterson, two-time Newbery award winner for Bridge to Terabithia and Jacob, Have I Loved and author of 30 books, is truly deserving of this honor.  Although her books are for a YA audience, they are also enjoyed by adult readers.  Check one out.

Happy quilting!!


4 thoughts on “Almost there…

  1. Wish you were coming through Phoenix, would love to see ya. Have a safe trip and a wonderful show. We do have Charleston’s here also. Arla in Arizona

    • We actually drove through Phoenix late this afternoon and saw a sign for Charleston’s. We had a late lunch, so we didn’t stop, but we may try to figure out how to stop when we head back to Texas! It’s been so long since I’ve had Walt’s Champagne Chicken Salad and of course the bread pudding. I don’t like bread pudding, but their’s is amazing.

  2. In Jefferson, have you ever eaten in Lamanche’s in the Jefferson Inn? Their lasagna is to die for! for the last four years, I always have a birthday dinner there.

    • Yes, we’ve eaten there and it is good. I’m sure that will be on the list for next weekend. There’s also a neat sandwich place we like. I don’t remember the name, but it has all the signed dollar bills hanging on the walls. Good food too.

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