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Getting Closer

Tonight we are in Blythe, CA.  It’s about 9 hours from El Paso and only about 3 hours from Ontario, CA – home of Road to California.  Tomorrow should be an easy day, unless we decide we need to stop and do a little shopping again.  We found some stores in Casa Grande, AZ and Paula did find a pair of shoes.  I bought a new pocketbook (hope my daughters don’t read this, as we just spent half a day in Houston trying to find just the right bag!) and a new lipstick.  Biggest disappointment was seeing a Mimi’s Cafe at the mall after we had eaten at a Wendy’s and then further down the road a Charleston’s in Chandler, AZ.  We’ll have to be sure to add these restaurant locations to our show folder for our next trip.

The “activity bag” still hasn’t moved out of the back seat and I’m not really sure why.  Tomorrow I will have to finish folding the fat quarters for the Rouenneries collection bundles we plan to have for the show.  That should keep me busy for awhile.  Paula also  downloaded a book on tape for us, so we’ll start that – The Associate by John Grisham.

So many people have asked how we manage to get all our “stuff” to a show, that I decided to take a picture of Paula’s truck and the trailer we pull.  The trailer is 6′ x 10′ and from the picture I posted the other day you know how full it is packed.  The truck is great and you can hardly even tell you’re pulling a trailer.  The biggest challenge is getting into the truck and out of it.  I am the tallest of the 3 of us and I’m 5’2″, so thank heavens for the handles on the inside!  You also have to remember when it is time to get out – it’s a long way down!  That 1st step can be a killer!

The truck and trailer

The scenery on this trip is incredible.  We go from the prairie of Katy, TX to the deserts and mountains of AZ, NM and CA.  We’ve seen windmills (amazing), oil pumpers, tumbleweeds, cactus and so much more.  When we did this trip last year for the Long Beach show, we had just been on the East Coast at the Vermont Quilt Festival.  Talk about a change in scenery!   I’ve tried to get pictures of the windmill farms, but they never seem to show  how big or impressive the windmills really are.  Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow, so far now here are a couple of photos of the boulders in a small area called Texas Canyon.

Boulders in Texas Canyon

Texas Canyon

Rumor has it some new fabrics are due to arrive at the warehouse this week.  Paula’s French Quarter collection was delayed in shipping, but the fabric can be pre-ordered and we anticipate shipping to customers some time this week.  Our ladies are fast when it comes to cutting fabric and filling those orders.  Marcie also added Judie Rothermel’s Twelve Oaks and Paula’s newest, Bonnie Blue Basics and Backgrounds II.  Be sure to check out all three.  Paula has been working on a new quilt to showcase the new Basics collection.  I just need some time to sit at my machine and sew!

More tomorrow!  Happy quilting!


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