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Storm Chasers

You are probably wondering how I arrived at the title for tonight’s blog.  Well here’s our story:  We left Odessa this morning with plans to stop in Grand Prairie, TX and visit with Paula’s mom Shirley, daughter Allison and granddaughter Sophie.  It was about a 5 hour trip and then we would only have about 3 hours to get to Marshall.  No problem, that’s easy.  Our visit was great.  Sophie is just a year old, so she totally entertained us.  The 4 o’clock news came on and reported severe weather in the Dallas area and heading towards the ArkLaTex (Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas region).  We decided we should get on the road, but of course it took us awhile to pull ourselves away from this sweet baby.  All we can say now is “Thank You Sophie”.

Canton, TX is about an hour down Interstate 20 and as we approached the 1st exit for the area, we noticed that traffic had basically come to a standstill and that there were helicopters circling the area.  We assumed there had been a serious accident.  We exited quickly and hit “Detour” on the Garmin, but immediately noticed the traffic and police  on the road.  Paula and  I were in desperate need of a restroom, so we pulled into a parking lot  where we noticed a number of people were milling around.  We asked what was going on.  The answer:  “A tornado just came through here and has hit Interstate 20 and Highway 19”.  If we had left 15-30 minutes earlier, we would have experienced our very 1st tornado – up, close and personal.  We’ve listened to the news and have since learned that no one was injured.  Thank heavens for adorable babies.

We would also like to thank the wonderful ladies at Homemade Gourmet.  It was their parking lot that we pulled into and who allowed us to use their restroom!!!  They also give us directions for getting out of the area and eventually back on I 20.  The storms were all around us, so I called my own personal weatherman, my husband Peter and his helpful weather updates guided us through the rest of the storms.  We hit some heavy rain and hail, but fortunately we arrived safely.  What a night!!!

We can now add tornadoes to our list of weather and natural disasters we have experienced during our travels with Bonnie Blue Quilts:  ice storm in Oklahoma City, flooding in Dallas, mini earthquake in Long Beach, occasional snow and record breaking heat in Texas!!!  I’ve always said that if the business fails we could take the trailer and become a moving company, well now I’m not so sure.  We could always become “storm chasers”.

We did get to the hotel with plenty of time for me to set up my sewing machine and get a little sewing done on the new Appomattox Court House.  I made 4 blocks and have another 4 ready to go for tomorrow.  The blocks go together so quickly, so I’m hoping I can get the top done this weekend.  Here’s a picture of one of the blocks I made tonight:  Isn’t it cute!

Appomattox Court House block

Set up is tomorrow.  Hopefully the rain will be over.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone  that was affected by the tornadoes and severe weather in the area.

Until tomorrow – happy quilting!


4 thoughts on “Storm Chasers

    • We arrived safely and the little bit of hail that we did have didn’t do any damage to our truck or trailer. Fortunately no one was injured in the tornadoes that struck that area. We are finally back home again.

  1. You could not have planned your California exit any better. They have experienced severe rain and flooding and now it is here in Arizona. I was suppose to go up to northern AZ for a Quilting Retreat – not happening now roads are closed. We are on to plan B, sewing at the local police station meeting room, just getting together is wonderful. Glad you are all safe and had some quality time with you sweet little one. Take all those chances you can because they grow so fast, mine are now 9 and 12. Have a great show. Arla in Arizona

    • We knew that bad weather was heading to California when we were leaving, but after seeing the weather reports, I was glad we left when we did. I didn’t realize that it was hitting Arizona too. Sewing in a police station meeting room – now that sounds like fun. Glad you were still able to get together. Take care and be safe.

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