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Post Jefferson Quilt Show

Well it’s happened again – I’ve gone over a week without blogging.  We got back from the show and we’ve been going 90 to nothing since then.  Let me catch you up.

We made it safely to Marshall after our almost encounter with a tornado.  As it turns out, there were other tornadoes that evening, but fortunately we were behind all of them.  They caused damage in the East Texas and ArkLaTex areas, but fortunately no one was injured.

We were on our way to Marshall, so we could attend the quilt show in Jefferson (just north of Marshall).  This year was the 7th Annual Jefferson Quilt Show,  “Quilts on the Bayou”.  This was our 5th year to attend this show and we just love being there.  It’s a small show, but the attendance is good, the quilts are beautiful, the organizers are wonderful, and THEY FEED US.  There is always a great buffet of tasty soups, chilis, sandwiches and fabulous desserts for lunch.  They need to take some time and write a cookbook with all of their wonderful recipes.

As it is every year, the quilts were beautiful.  My only regret is that I couldn’t get a good picture of “Best in Show”.  It was appliqued bunnies (Sydney would have loved the “nunnies”) and well deserving of “Best in Show.”  I did get some pictures, so I’ll share what I have:

I just loved this one.  It looks like an antique quilt and if I recall it was hand quilted.

Appliqued quilt

Another great quilt - I love this block.

Minit quilt version

Paula and I had dinner at a couple of our favorite places:  Jefferson’s Old Fashioned Hamburger Store and Five D Cattle Company and Meat Market in Avinger.  The steaks at Five D are phenomenal and we really enjoyed ours.  The Hamburger Store serves up some great food, but it is also known for its “wallpaper” – signed $1.00 bills.  It turns out that after the owners served more that 2000 free meals to Katrina evacuees, the grateful visitors started leaving the signed bills as a thank you.  Now diners just follow their lead and thus the “wallpapered” walls.  We added ours on our 1st visit in 2008:

BBQ $1.00 bill at The Hamburger Store

Here’s a photo of just 1 of the many covered walls:

I said it’s been a crazy week, so I’ll catch you up with the rest of the week tomorrow.  Here’s just a few things that I’ll write about:  completed quilt top, surprise visit by daughter, husband’s retirement, new quilt show added to schedule, new quilt designs and more.  Until then,happy quilting.


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