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Vacation Traveling

Greetings from semi-sunny, semi-warm St. Petersburg, FL.  Peter, Caitlin and I arrived on Friday after a whirlwind trip on the East Coast of Florida.  Our plan was to stay in a hotel on the beach in Cocoa Beach so that Peter and Caitlin could get up bright and early and catch some waves.  Unfortunately it was only in the 50’s on Wednesday and Thursday, but the biggest problem – lack of surf.  If it had been warmer, I would have been in the water because the waves were only about 6-9 INCHES.  Needless to say, no surfing.  We did make a stop at Ron-Jon Surf Shop to update our t-shirt collections and to buy Sydney’s first.  After additional stops in Vero Beach and Lake Worth to see family and friends, we made our way over to St. Pete.  Brett, Meredith, and Sydney arrived on Saturday and it’s been family time since then.  Sydney is having a great time with my sister-in-law’s kids – 1st cousins once removed? – and we’re just relaxing and watching them play.

I leave Wednesday morning to fly to  Hampton, VA for the Mid- Atlantic Quilt Fest and Peter and Caitlin will stay for a couple more days.  They are hoping for some warm weather so they can get in some beach time before heading home.  I don’t think I’m going to get any tanning time before I leave.  It’s just starting to get into the 70’s and of course another front is coming through later today and the temperatures will drop some.  I did give up the sneakers and socks and I’m wearing sandals(so glad I took the time to get that pedicure before I left), after all it is Florida!!!!

I checked the website and Marcie has been busy.  The newest quilt kits are on the website, so let me “introduce” to a couple of the newest ones.  I apologize if I repeat any information, but this is the first time that some of these quilts have been available through the website, even though I may have blogged about them before.

When Paula saw Moda’s Rouenneries collection by French General, she immediately said: “new Belle Meade” and how right she was!!!  It is just beautiful in reds and taupey lights.  We introduced the quilt and kit at Road to California and it received rave reviews – we actually sold out of the kits!!!  The girls have been cutting and folding and we will have plenty of kits at the Hampton show.  This kit even includes the backing and the Spinning Stars for all of the half square triangles.

Belle Meade in Moda's Rouenneries

Second Hand Clothes is one of our most popular patterns.  The quilt size is easily adjusted to fit your needs.  This is becoming my favorite quilt to give as a wedding present ( I currently have 3 in the works) and I’ve even used it for a baby quilt.  It’s great for using up your scraps, but also looks beautiful in a coordinated fabric collection.  We’ve made samples using 110 different scraps, brushed cotton plaids (Second Hand Plaid), Moda’s Morris Workshop collection and now Moda’s Collection for a Cause-Legacy.  In each case, it is a stunning quilt.  The newest version, using the Legacy collection, focuses on the pinks, teals and lights from the collection and creates a softer, more feminine version of Second Hand Clothes.

Second Hand Clothes in Collection for a Cause - Legacy

And the last quilt I’ll share today is our newest version of the Savannah quilt featuring Moda’s Collection for a Cause – Homefront.  The original Savannah used just 6 fabrics in the blocks, but for the new quilt we used Layer Cakes.  This allows us to use every fabric in the collection in the quilt, but the Layer Cakes make the cutting and piecing even easier for you.  This new Savannah is one of my favorite quilts.  I just love the soft, warm and cozy look of the quilt.  I actually pieced this quilt and was amazed how fast it went together using the Layer Cakes.  Another one of my wedding gift favorites.  (I just need time to actually finish them).

Savannah in Collection for a Cause - Homefront

I’m mid-way through  my 2 1/2 weeks without sewing and so far so good.  I have definitely experienced some withdrawal, but playing with Sydney has been a big help.  Next week will be the test – quilt show, some free time at night, no sewing machine – could be a problem.  I may need an intervention.   What it will mean is – lots of sewing time when I get home.  There are those piles sitting in the warehouse awaiting my attention.

Catch you later  and happy quilting.


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