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Winter in Virginia

It was tough, but I managed to pull myself away from family in Florida and headed to Hampton, VA for the quilt show.  I was wearing sandals, capris and a short sleeve shirt on Tuesday and now I’m back in shoes and socks and wishing I had a warmer jacket, gloves, and a hat!!!  It has been cold (they’ve used those 3 dreaded words – “wind chill factor”), but fortunately we haven’t had any snow!!!  If you are in the area that just got hit by the most recent Nor’easter, I hope you are keeping warm and maybe even getting some sewing done.

The show is going well and it has been great to see so many of our “online” friends.  If you were at the show and stopped by to say hello, thank you.  It’s also been great to catch up with some of our fellow vendors.  We’ve been pretty busy and I’ve also been helping out in Phyllis and Bob’s booth, Silver Thimble, while Phyllis taught a couple of classes, but hopefully I’ll be able to get out and get some pictures of the quilts tomorrow.  I never seem to have my camera with me when I leave the booth, so I will make a better effort tomorrow.  There are some beautiful quilts here and I’d like to share some of them with you.

Now I’d like to get back to sharing some of our new quilts with you.  Paula’s new collection, Sophie and Friends, is based on a beautiful pink toile of  young children in a park and is named for her 1st grandchild, Sophie and is as adorable as Sophie herself.  This collection of delicate pink, brown and blue prints is showcased in 1 new crib-sized quilt with 2 variations.  For those of you that love applique (yes, I just used the “a” word), check out the pink and brown version with the swags on the border.  Don’t panic though, if you love the swags, but not hand applique, you can always try machine applique (that’s how Paula did ours – notice I said Paula, not me!).  The pink, brown and blue version is shown without swags.  Both kits have backings included:  brown print for the pink and brown version and the adorable toy print for the pink, brown and blue quilt.

One of our latest “re-dos” is the Vicksburg quilt is Moda’s Collection for a Cause – Alliance.  This pattern was one of our original quilts and I have always loved it.  The warm reds, browns and blues of this collection are just perfect for this quilt.  The brown and red prints used for the border and alternate block are 2 of my favorite fabrics, but then again there aren’t too many brown or red prints that I don’t like.


We heard from Marcie that Appomattox Court House has come back from the quilters and looks just beautiful.  I can’t wait to get back home to see it AND to get back to my sewing machine.  I’m going through withdrawal –  2 weeks without any sewing is tough.  My hands are itching to be guiding fabric under the presser foot.  Paula has her computer with her and she has been designing up a storm.  I must tell you a great story.  Paula was working on a new design Thursday night.  She shows me the design and I ask my usual questions:  how big are the blocks, how many blocks are in the quilt, are there half-square triangles in the blocks and if so, how many and does the quilt have a border and again, if so, how many.  I love the design and I can’t wait for Paula to get back to the warehouse and pick  the fabrics, so I then proceed to fall asleep. Friday morning dawns and Paula tells me that she worked on the design and has worked out fabric requirements etc. and that there will be enough fabric for the 2 pieced borders.  “What 2 pieced borders?”  I ask.  “Oh, the ones I added after you feel asleep,”  Paula responds.  I am now going on record – I will not fall asleep before Paula when she is designing a quilt!!!

It’s hard to believe that the Olympics are almost over again.  I haven’t seen as much as I have in the past, but we’re were traveling and now we’re at the quilt show.  I’ve been catching up every night and it’s been great.  I’ll have to call Peter and have him  TiVo the closing ceremony; I don’t want to miss that.  Do you think Celine Dion will sing?  I thought for sure she would be in the opening ceremony, but maybe they’re saving her for the finale. Tomorrow is the big hockey game – should be an exciting game.

Well, I’ve got to get some rest.  Tomorrow is the last day of the show and also “pack up and reload the trailer” time.  Monday we begin our 3 day return trip to Texas.  My dream is to figure out how to sew on a sewing machine while we are driving!  Take care and Happy quilting.


2 thoughts on “Winter in Virginia

  1. Hi – I was one of your ‘online’ friends who stopped by on Saturday to salivate and shop. You ladies are tremendous! Friendly, patient, caring to all. Thanks so much for allowing me to photograph you as well as your booth! (We know other vendors were not nearly as nice.) Safe travels and happy needles…. from Sally in Gettysburg, PA

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