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Empty Nesters, Again

Well, it’s done.  We’ve loaded Caitlin’s life into a minivan and a Corolla for her move to St. Petersburg, FL.  Yes, she has a job and it’s in her field – marketing.  I am now a firm believer in networking and the “you have to be in the right place at the right time” theory of job acquisition.  Caitlin went to Florida with us in February and my sister-in-law introduced her to her neighbor, who just happens to work at a marketing company.  Small talk in front yard, interview, phone call and bam – JOB!!!!  And now Peter and I are empty nesters again.  They leave tomorrow and hopefully they will be able to land an apartment, a couch, and a bed in 3 days!!  She starts the new job on Monday, the 22nd, so she would like to be semi-settled in a place of her own by then.  Craig’s List has been a big help – apartment, couch, bed – all listed there!!!

It’s been a crazy week since we got back from Virginia.  As soon as you get back from one show, you have to start thinking about the next one.  Paula, Marcie and Robin were leaving on Wednesday for the Dallas Quilt Show, so we had to regroup, inventory merchandise and repack the bins.  Caitlin was busy all week training a new “director of shipping”.  Lindsey caught on quickly, so we should be set for next week.  I’ve been working on a new quilt and trying to be of some assistance to Caitlin with her packing – mostly I just offered suggestions and took her shopping for new kitchen stuff.  I even cleaned up the warehouse!!!

I finished the mini Sherman’s March, but luckily Paula had another new quilt waiting in the wings for me.  I have been dying to do this particular quilt, so I was really excited when Paula pulled the fabrics for it (browns, blacks,reds, and lights – Paula’s comfort colors). It’s 1 pieced block and an alternate pieced block.  I finished the pieced blocks yesterday – while watching “2012” (one of the best disaster movies ever!!!) and I’ll be working on the alternate blocks tonight.  Paula, Marcie and Robin are making a stop at Moda tomorrow (I’m so jealous – they better bring me back something fun) and will be back at the warehouse on Tuesday, so I want to have all of the blocks done by then.  I would like to get this one finished before we head out to the next show on Saturday(I have “Bones-Season IV” and “Glee-Season I” to keep me entertained).  Here’s a sneak peek of a couple of the blocks:

Blocks for the new quilt. My favorite is the bottom one.

Speaking of next show: we leave Saturday for the 3 day drive to Lancaster, PA.  AQS is now hosting the Lancaster show (March 24-27) and it will be in a different location.  Most of the vendors are in the Lancaster County Convention Center, but some of us are in Liberty Place Conference Center (Bonnie Blue included), which is about 1 mile away from the convention center.  From the information we have received, it appears that the parking for the show will be at Liberty Place and attendees will take a shuttle from there to the convention center.  Please be sure to stop by Liberty Place to see us and the other 30 vendors that are there.  There will also be a shuttle to the vendors that are out in the hotel.  This is the hotel that was across the street from the original Lancaster show location.  It sounds like it’s going to be a great show and we look forward to see our shopping friends!  Check out our website for more information.

I forgot about our fun event last week.  Robin, Cindy, Caitlin and I went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  It was a first time for Cindy and Robin, so they experienced a whole lot of Texas at one time!!! We watched the whole rodeo (steer wrestling, team roping, bull riding, barrel racing, etc.) and the special events they have – Calf Scramble (high school FFA students can win a calf to raise) and mutton bustin” (5 and 6 year olds riding the back of 60 lb sheep – yeah, only in Texas).  I’m not a big country music fan, but the concert that night was Tim McGraw.  He was great AND he sang my favorite song – “Live Like You Were Dying” – about his dad, Tug McGraw, a former pitcher for the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies.  A good night was had by all, but man were we tired the next day!!!  Here’s proof we were there (sorry no pictures of Tim McGraw).

Robin and Cindy

Caitlin and I

Well, that’s all for today.  It’s going to be another busy week at the warehouse.  It seems they sold quite a few things at the Dallas Show – thank you- so we will be cutting, assembling, and repacking!!!  Happy quilting.


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