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Back in Lancaster, PA

We arrived in Lancaster, PA around 4 pm (amid some heavy rain) and decided to forget trying to get an early start on unloading – there’s always tomorrow.  Instead we decided to head to Texas Roadhouse with some of our dear friends – Phyllis and Bob from Silver Thimble and Gloria and Jill from Olde Green Cupboard.  That’s one of the best parts of all of this traveling – we’ve made some dear friends.

Our three day trip was very uneventful – thank heavens.  Hopefully we’ll get in a little antique shopping on the way home.  The trailer is always too full for any shopping on our way to a show, but on the way home, look out antique malls we are coming.  Our hotel is also right in front of an outlet mall, so we may be doing some shopping there too.  Paula mentioned something about needing some new shoes.  I’m always game for a little shoe shopping, whether I need any or not.

Just a reminder about the AQS Lancaster show.  Vendors will be in a number of different buildings.  Bonnie Blue Quilts is in Liberty Place Conference Center (booth #4206-4208).  There is a shuttle to transport attendees between the buildings, so remember to stop by and see us at Liberty Place Conference Center.  From what we’ve heard, there are anywhere from 30 – 45 vendors at our location.  We have a lot to share with you (and remember we need space in the trailer for all those antiques we want to shop for on the way home!!!)

We are all unpacked and my sewing machine is set up on my new SewEzi portable sewing table.  I am dying to check it out.  I plan to do some sewing tomorrow, after we set up, on the new Oak Alley.  I have the squares cut out and ready to go for the Spinning Stars and I was actually ready to start sewing, but I don’t have an extension cord that is long enough to reach from the outlet behind the bed to my sewing table.  I am always amazed that hotel rooms never seem to have enough outlets to handle all of our electrical items – laptops, Ott lights, irons, sewing machines, etc.

Paula is busy designing another new quilt and it’s going to be beautiful.  I think she’s thinking scrappy for this one and as of right now there’s no border.  We’ll have to wait and see what it looks like tomorrow.  If you’ll recall, the last time I got excited about a new quilt with no border, I went to sleep and woke up to find that Paula continued designing and the quilt ended up with 2 borders AND 1 was pieced!!!!  I’ll have to let you know what happens tonight.

I don’t have any pictures of quilts or fabrics to share tonight, so I thought I would explain our Exclusive Kit stickers.  (Did I hear an ooooh, aaaaah out there?)  We often have customers ask us if our kits contain the same fabrics that they see in the quilts and the answer is YES.  When we “kit” a particular quilt, we use the same exact fabrics that are in the quilt – no substitutions.  We developed the Exclusive Kit sticker so our customers will know they are receiving a kit that we packaged and that contains the same fabrics that are in the original quilt.  If we run out of fabric and would have to start making substitutions, then we usually redo the whole quilt, take a new picture, and make a new kit.  We’ve done this with the numerous versions of Harriet’s Baskets, Oak Alley, Second Hand Clothes, Plantation Road, and Appomattox Courthouse.  So, watch for the Exclusive Sticker.  It tells you are buying a Bonnie Blue Quilts original kit.

BBQ kit with an Exclusive Sticker

Exclusive Sticker

Well, tomorrow is a busy day – unloading, set up and sewing – so I will close and wish you all good night.  We hope to see many of you at the quilt show.  If you’re there, please be sure to stop by and say hello.

Happy quilting.

PS – Update on new quilt – it appears to have acquired 2 borders in the time it took me to write the blog!!  Still beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Back in Lancaster, PA

  1. Hope you are going to have plenty of Exclusive kits for Paducah. I can’t wait to pay a visit to your booth next month. Sue in the UK

  2. I found your blog interesting and hope to meet you at the Authentic reception on Thursday night at Mulberry Art Studio. We B&Bers are wearing yellow aprons just ask for Kathy.

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