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Almost Home

Well, we are back on the road and heading home from Lancaster and have been traveling for 2 days (totally uneventful trip – thank heavens).  We spent Sunday in Royersford with my family – yes, I got some great grandma-time – and then headed out on Monday.  Sydney is absolutely adorable and probably the most intelligent child I have ever seen (Mensa material, as Brett always says), but then I am her grandmother and not at all prejudiced.  We planned a short travel day so we could have a little shopping time.  A stop at Zook’s in Intercourse, PA  yielded some much needed fabric for baby quilts that Paula and I need for new baby gifts.  We then headed over to Primitives by Kathy (in Lancaster), where we did some major damage to our “home decor” budgets.  Thank you Carol for the recommendation on this place.  We ran into Trish Harriman from Attic Heirlooms as we were wheeling our very full carts to the truck.

Alright, can we talk about the elephant in the room – the AQS Lancaster Show.  Paula and I would like to thank all of our loyal customers who came to visit us in the Liberty Place Conference Center.  It was so great to see and visit with all of you.  That is all that I can say that is positive about this show.

I did get a chance to work on the new re-do for Oak Alley and all I can say is WOW!!! This quilt is going to be beautiful.  Paula has been in design overdrive – there seems to be a new quilt every day!!!  I can’t wait until we get back to the warehouse and she can start pulling the fabrics.  Robin, Cindy, Lindsey, Jackie – look out, I see fabric piles looming in your futures.  These are all new quilts for Spring Market, so Oak Alley may be taking a back seat while I get busy on the new ones.  Marcus Fabrics will also be introducing Paula’s newest collection at that time and we’ll have a new quilt to showcase it.  Busy, busy, busy, but so what else is new.

What is even harder to believe is that we head out again in less than 2 weeks.  International Quilt Festival – Chicago (April 16-18) and AQS – Paducah (April 21-24) are our next destinations.  You are hearing it here first – Bonnie Blue Quilts will be in the new pavilion that is being built for the Paducah show.  The pavilion will be replacing the vendor space that was in the hotel.  Check out the AQS blog for updates as the pavilion takes shape in the parking lot.

My intention was to include photos of Oak Alley, but unfortunately I don’t have a design wall in the hotel room and I don’t want to tack them on the wall.  I promise to take some pictures when I get home and I’ll add them to the next blog.

We had some sad news while we were in Lancaster. Our dear friend Gloria, the owner of the Olde Green Cupboard, told us that she is closing her store in Jacksonville, FL. The Olde Green Cupboard is probably one of the greatest stores I have ever seen. It is a combination quilt store, home decor store, antique store and gift store and Gloria is a wonderful shop owner. They will be missed.

Our goal is to be on the road bright and early tomorrow (we want to avoid Houston rush hour traffic if at all possible), so it’s time to get some sleep.  Happy quilting until our next visit.


4 thoughts on “Almost Home

  1. I was through on Saturday morning (opening), and again later that afternoon (2-ish). I saw that several vendors had packed up and left in the in-between.

    Had you been to the ‘old’ Lancaster Show? I was disappointed w/ this one … not the level that I expected. I have attended AQS Shows in Paducah and Knoxville.

    Just didn’t seem as big as even the ‘other’ Lancaster show. Really disappointing that there weren’t more quilts. Weren’t more … well, everything!

    • We were vendors at the “old” Lancaster show at the Lancaster Host Conference Center for the 2 years prior to this show. We always enjoyed being there, although there were some concerns from attendees about the show being in a number of different locations. We’ve heard both positive and negative comments about this year – quilts, vendors, location, etc. It was the first year, so hopefully AQS will be able to work out the “kinks” for next year. We will be at the Paducah show, so stop by and see us – we’re in the Pavilion.

  2. I read this and I feel like “Where in the World is Paula Barnes” (remember that show?) Because I feel like I only know the whereabouts of my mother through this blog. =]

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