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Chicago – Day 1 done

Well actually Preview Night and Day 1 are both done.   We had a good crowd today and everyone seemed to be in a shopping mood, which is always nice.  We finished our trip  to Chicago without any problems, but unfortunately no good food picture opportunities. (I didn’t think you would want a picture of our Subway sandwiches!)   Our biggest adventure was arriving at our hotel (around 10 PM after our afternoon visits to Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby), checking in and going to our room, only to discover that Ricardo the pilot was sleeping in our room – fortunately he had the lock on the door, so we couldn’t get into the room.  We started to panic when the desk clerk said  they were overbooked (there was no way we were getting the 2 hotel dollies of stuff back into the van without a fight), but luckily they had checked Ricardo the pilot into the wrong room and his room was available.

We’ve had a great time catching up with our dear friends, Phyllis and Bob from Silver Thimble and Docia and Jim from The Quilt Merchant, a store right here in Winfield.  Docia and Jim invited all of us out to the  shop for pizza and a tour of the new addition to the store.  Their granddaughter Eliza and new dog Buddy provided the entertainment for the evening.  Beth Fuller, a new designer for Blue Hill Fabrics, is Docia’s daughter-in-law and Eliza’s mom.  What until you see her new collection – Grace’s Dowry Shirtings.  The fabrics are beautiful and we can’t wait for them to be delivered.  You can always use a good shirting!!

Not much else new.  The show runs until 7 PM every night, so I haven’t had a chance to work on the new quilt.  I really need to find some time to get some sewing done.  Market is getting closer and this quilt needs to be finished!!!

As luck would have it, my daughter Megan (who works for GE) happened to be in Chicago for a trade show, so she was able to come over to our hotel for dinner tonight.  It was great to be able to grab a little family time while we were at a business show.  On another personal note, tomorrow my husband Peter rides in the MS 150.  A 150 mile bike ride from Houston to Austin.  He’s done it every year since Caitlin was a senior in high school.  She rode with him the 1st year, but since then he’s been riding solo.  He’s part of the Shell team now.  I’m pretty proud of him and he doesn’t look half bad in those Spandex bike shorts he wears!!!  Aside here – may I say that some people riding in the event are asking just a little too much from the fabric. There’s only so much stretch in any fabric!!  And on that note, I’ll say nothing more on the subject.

It’s been great to have people stop by the booth and tell us they enjoy reading our blog.  If you’re in town, stop by and say hello.  If you can’t make it to Chicago, stop by and visit while we’re in Paducah.

Until next time, happy quilting,

Mary Ellen


2 thoughts on “Chicago – Day 1 done

  1. What a fun time. I went to Chicago a few years ago, and it was an awesome show. How funny about the mix up on the room (I know it wasn’t funny at the time, but glad you got a room). Have a great weekend! Post pictures.

  2. Sounds like Chicago is a good show. Glad you are having a good time. I enjoy reading about your adventures!! Have a safe trip home–hope you will show some pictures.

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