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The Dome Pavilion

For the first time in all of our quilt show travels, we broke down a show, loaded the trailer, left one state, drove to another state and unloaded for another show in LESS THAN 24 HOURS!!!  We finished loading in Chicago at 7 PM Sunday night and unloading in Paducah at 4 PM Monday afternoon.  I have to stay I am a bit tired – exhausted is really the word I should use.  Tomorrow we will set up and get ready for Preview Night.

The Dome Pavilion (that’s what the AQS people are calling the new vendor site) is really pretty neat.  I’ve also heard it called the Bubble, the Tent, and the Marshmallow, and that was just in the hour we were in the building!! As you drive down Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, toward the Convention Center and Executive Inn, you start to see this white bubble in the distance and that’s the Dome Pavilion.  Check out the AQS blog for pictures of the exterior and interior of the building.  The cool part was the actual unloading and moving into the building.  It’s a pressurized building, so you can’t just open the doors and come and go as you please.  You enter a dock area, they close the outer doors and then open the inner door – it’s like being in a decontamination zone – very cool.  Attendees will enter and exit through revolving doors.  It’s light, bright and beautiful inside and we have a great location – right opposite the Kaffe Fassett display.  Oh and I’ve even checked out the bathrooms – pretty plush.

On the new quilt front – work on Quilt #4 is progressing nicely.  I did some piecing yesterday and last night and tonight I finished cutting the shirtings.  Paula heard that the samples of her collection should be arriving at the warehouse any day this week, so I have to finish #4  so I can get busy on #5 when we get back to Katy.  Getting ready for Market is always a crazy time.

Lots of dear friends in town for the show – Olde Green Cupboard, Silver Thimble, The Quilt Merchant, Back Door Quilts, Quilting Squares, Attic Heirlooms, Cindy’s Antique Quilts, Primitive Gatherings, Traditions at the White Swan – to name a few – so we are looking forward to visiting and catching up on the latest news.  There should be lots of good dinners out too.  We started off at Texas Roadhouse tonight with Gloria and Jill from  Olde Green Cupboard.  I’m sure we’ll be back there later this week – it’s a favorite.

Big day tomorrow, so until later – happy quilting.

Mary Ellen


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