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9′- yes, 8’6″ – not really

Now what exactly does today’s title mean?  If you recall the post from last week, I mentioned that we were driving a Sprinter van on our 2 quilt show tour.  The van is much taller that the truck and trailer we usually drive and we weren’t sure if we could use the drive-thru’s at the fast food restaurants we frequent on our trips.  We safely made it under a 9′ clearance at a McDonald’s in Texas and at the McDonald’s here in Paducah, but this morning we decided to have Burger King for breakfast – MISTAKE!!!!!  We pull  up and they have one  of those pipes that hang down and written on it is “8’6″ Clearance”.  Paula and I look at each other and figure that if we could clear 9′, what’s the big deal about 6″ – apparently a lot.  Paula begins to drive through and we hear some noise – is it the stuff rolling around the back of the van or the pipe hitting the roof?  I hop out of the van (well, actually climb out slowly – I’m too old to hop) and sure enough the pipe is right on top of the roof.  Quick decision – get out of line and drive to McDonald’s where we can safely clear their overhang!!!  A quick look in the side view mirror shows the pipe swinging back and forth from its post.  OK, I have to say it – “size does matter!!’  I guess there’s no breakfast croissants in our future!!

Drive-thru issues aside, we are having a great time at the show.  Everyone seems to be enjoying the new venue – the “bubble”.  Tonight we had a great dinner at Texas Roadhouse with some of our good friends and tomorrow night we’re heading out to Patti’s Settlement.  It’s been highly recommended, so we’re going to check it out.  Apparently there’s even shopping!!!!  Dinner and shopping – should be a great evening.

I spent a good part of last night on the new quilt (#4, if you are counting) and I’m about half way through the pieced blocks.  Tomorrow I will try and take some pictures and share.  It requires putting up my portable design wall (flannel backed tablecloth), taking the pictures and doing all the things you need to do to get them ready for the blog (hi-tech computer stuff).  I also need to spend some time pressing the blocks I did finish – 90  9-patch blocks!!  I will also and remember to take some pictures inside the “bubble”.

Enjoy your day and until next time, happy quilting.

Mary Ellen


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