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Back Home Again

Our 2 week quilt show trip to Chicago and Paducah is OVER and we arrived home safe and sound on Monday afternoon.  Both shows were a huge success – so much so that we were able to do a little personal shopping.  We love the quilt shows, but the traveling is a little hard.  The Sprinter van was perfect for the merchandise we needed for 2 shows and it was great to drive  (incredibly hard for 2 short ladies to climb into, but so what else is new).

Part of the fun of the quilt shows is the chance to meet our loyal customers and to catch up with our fellow vendors.  The Chicago and Paducah shows were great opportunities for both.  As always, food was an important part of our daily events.  We had a couple of great group dinners at our favorite haunt – Texas Roadhouse – but we added a new place to our itinerary.  Patti’s 1880’s Settlement in Grand Rivers, KY was highly recommended by many people, so of course we had to check it out.  It is known for it’s pork chops and 17 different pies.  We had a late reservation (very crowded during quilt week), so we headed out early to hit the shops that surround the restaurant.  Paula and I discovered The Home Place (specializing in Furniture for the Proper Country Home) and the rest of the group joined us there, oohing and aahing over our “finds”.  Fortunately we sold enough merchandise at both shows that we were able to go back on Sunday and pick up the furniture we had on hold – end table for Paula and cabinet for my quilts for me.  We also picked up a few other goodies.  Check out the photo of Gloria (The Olde Green Cupboard) and the crow she bought.  Isn’t he adorable.

Gloria and the crow she bought at The Home Place

Dinner was wonderful and fortunately we had a private room for the 8 of us.  We were having such a great time while we waited to be seated that I’m sure they decided to seat us away from the rest of the diners – less disturbing for them.  We had to wait a little while for our table, so they nicely offered us free desserts.  You didn’t have to twist our arms.  Check out the meringue on Jill’s pie!!!  The food was fantastic and I highly recommend Patti’s to everyone.

Jill and her pie meringue

I hope some of you checked out the photos of the Dome Pavilion on the AQS website because there was absolutely no way I could get a picture of it.  It was a great location for a quilt show and we just loved it.  It was even safe during the thunderstorms and heavy rain we had on Saturday.  I did get a great picture of our booth that I will share.  Paula tried a little something different this time – check out the valences across the front.  I really liked the way it looked, so I think we will be doing that again.

BBQ booth at AQS - Paducah

We’ve added some new friends to our little group.  Twyla Voldseth of Quilted Memories (Brandon, SD) was a new vendor at the AQS Paducah and was joined by her good friend Joan.  Twyla’s shop specializes in Civil War reproductions, wool applique and other great things I fell in love with.  She had a great looking booth.  We also had a chance to really get to know Candy Fredericksen and Bernie Gee of Homespun Quilt Shop (Estherville, IA).  Another beautiful booth.  You would think that with all of the quilts I make for Bonnie Blue Quilts that I wouldn’t be interested in anything I see in other booths – not true.  There were some great quilts in a lot of the booths and I did try to control myself, but I wasn’t always successful in that endeavor (can’t wait for this month’s Visa bill)!!!

Jill (THe Olde Green Cupboard), Twyla and Joan (Quilted Memories) and Bernie (Homespun Quilt Shop)

Candy (Homespun Quilt Shop), Paula (BBQ) and Gloria (The Olde Green Cupboard)

Bonnie Blue Quilts specializes in reproduction fabrics and quilts and I absolutely love each and every quilt that Paula designs and that I eventually piece, but I fell in love with a Kaffe quilt at the Paducah show.  I love all of his fabrics  – those colors and prints are just gorgeous – but I have refrained from buying it because I don’t know what I would do with it.  I really just want to own it because it is so beautiful.  Well that has changed.  There was a special exhibit of Kaffe Fassett quilts at the show and I fell in love with one of the quilts.  AND as luck we would have it, it is on the cover of the June/July 2010 “Quilt” magazine.  Now I have an actual reason for buying the fabric, so let the shopping begin!  I’m guessing that someone in the family is going to want this one, but I don’t think I’ll be giving it up.

The Kaffe quilt that is in my future!

I know, this is a long post, but I’m trying to catch up for the past week.  Peter and I are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for a visit to Florida – time with Caitlin in her new apartment and nephew’s 1st Communion.  Lots of family and friends, so it will be a great visit.  I haven’t written before tonight because I have been hard at work finishing Quilt #4 and I did it today!!!  My goal was to have it finished before I left for Florida.  Paula is taking it to Sharon’s tomorrow for quilting and she will have #5 ready for me to start on Tuesday.  This is the quilt that is going to be made with Paula’s new collection:  Reflections of a Era Past.  I finished #4 while watching the last DVD’s of Season 1 of “Glee”.  Sewing and singing – what a combination!!  Here’s a sample of a couple of the blocks.

Blocks for quilt #4

Well I’ve finished packing, so now it’s time to get some sleep – early morning tomorrow.  Enjoy your week and so until later – happy quilting.

Mary Ellen


2 thoughts on “Back Home Again

  1. Thanks for the newsy blog – I always enjoy reading them. Paula’s new fabrics are now posted on Marcus Fabrics and are wonderful – the best yet, I think. I have been able to visit your booth twice this year (Virginia and Lancaster) and acquired lots of great new fabrics – keep it coming!!
    Since you folks travel so much, and like to eat in different places, I wonder if you have ever visited the website http://www.Roadfood.com. There are lots of recommendations of local restaurants and regional specialties =along with recipes! ML

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