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Getting Ready for Market

I just checked and it’s been about 2 weeks since I last blogged (wow, does that sound like the beginning of a childhood visit to a confessional – scary!!!).  I honestly thought about blogging during those 2 weeks, but somehow other things kept getting in the way.  Well actually, 1 thing got in the way – getting ready for Spring Market!!!  I had finished quilt #4 before I left for Florida and it was safely in Sharon’s hands for quilting.  Quilts #1,2, and 3 were at Crooked Creek Quilts being custom quilted and would be shipped back to us shortly.  Once we had quilts 1-4 back, they would then be shipped to the photographer for their “glamour shots”.  Tight schedule!!! That left quilt #5 to be pieced, quilted and photographed – all before we left for Market!!!  Could we do it – YES we could!!!

When I returned from Florida, Paula had quilt #5 already started.  This quilt is made from Paula’s newest collection, “Reflections of an Era Past”, so she really wanted to be part of actually making this quilt.  While she finished piecing the blocks, I worked on another project (no rest for my sewing machine!) and anxiously awaited my turn to “touch” the fabric.  We were on a deadline – Sharon was going out of town and needed the quilt by Saturday morning – so we worked nonstop for about 3 days to finish it up.  AND it’s done – pieced, quilted, and bound!!!! Oh and it’s beautiful.

The biggest problem with getting ready for Market is remembering that we don’t have until the day before we leave to actually work on all of the quilts.  All of our patterns are featured in a brochure that we give to our wholesale customers (your local quilt shop) at Market.  This brochure is printed by our local printer and has a color picture of each our pattern covers, which each have a color picture of the actual quilt, which has to be taken by the photographer after the quilt is completely finished (pieced, quilted, bound).  Do you see where I’m going with is?  Each of these steps moves the day that I have to be finished piecing the quilt further and further away from when we actually leave for Market.  Quilt #5 was our biggest challenge because it was a brand new collection and we were waiting for the fabric samples to actually arrive from Korea.  Reflections of an Era Past will not even arrive in quilt stores until June!!

The best news is: Paula and I leave for Minneapolis (Spring Market 2010) tomorrow morning and EVERYTHING IS DONE!!!  The quilts have been quilted – thank you Sharon and Marcella and Margie from Crooked Creek Quilts!!!  The quilts have bindings and rod pockets – thank you Shirley!!!  The quilts have been photographed – thank you Gregory Case!!!  The brochures have been printed – thank you Matthew and Katy Printers!!!  Everything is now in the hands of the shipping company!!!!

Quilts 1-5 all have names, pictures, stories and KITS now!  I don’t have the CD with the pictures with me, so I will get it today and post the pictures of the quilts with their new names, hopefully tonight.  The patterns and kits will be added to the website after Market.  You are going to love these quilts.  Paula has outdone herself again.

In the midst of all of this Market preparation, Peter and I took another trip for family reasons.  Our niece Emily graduated from Duke University on Sunday with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  It was a wonderful weekend of celebration and time with family.  We helped move the last of her “stuff” to the family van for the move to her new apartment because, yes, she is one of the lucky ones that has a job!!!  Congratulations Emily and of course Steve and Anne (mom and dad)!  Big question for the weekend: “so what are you going to do with all that money, now that you don’t have to pay tuition?”

Traveling and food seem to go hand-in-hand, so here’s today’s restaurant tip.  Check out The Sawmill Tap Room in Raleigh, NC.  It is owned and operated by Peter’s cousin, so we sent a lot of time there this weekend.  The food is great and the staff is wonderful.  The pickle chips (a local favorite) and onion rings are to die for!!!

And so, until next time, happy quilting!

Mary Ellen


One thought on “Getting Ready for Market

  1. You girls have a safe trip to Market. I can’t wait to see your new creations and I do appreciate all your beautiful work. Arla in Arizona

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