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California Bound

Paula and I have hit the road again and we are headed to Long Beach, CA for the International Quilt Festival.  We left Saturday afternoon, after loading the Sprinter van in the Houston heat – ugh!!!  Thank heavens we have a pool – quick dip and I was ready to get on the road!!!  Tomorrow we leave our Lordsburg, NM hotel bright and early and head to Temecula, CA and The Quilter’s Coop Quilt Shop.  Paula is teaching a class and I’m going to sit in the back of the room and SEW.  I’m piecing a new Second Hand Clothes.  I finished the squares before we left and Paula arranged them on the wall and I have to say this quilt is going to be beautiful.  It looks like an antique quilt.  I can’t wait until it’s done and it gets to be quilted – then I can share it with you.

We’ve been invited to the Olde Green Cupboard’s retreat in August, so we’re planning our projects.  There’s a new stack of fabric waiting at the warehouse and it’s calling my name.  It’s going to be a new quilt and I can’t wait to get started on it.  I’ve got at least 3 projects ready to go and another 3 that I could have ready on a moment’s notice.  I’m looking forward to a very productive weekend with a group of wonderful ladies.

We finally cleared off the wall at the warehouse and hung up some of our re-do quilts and took their pictures.  Amy put them on the website, so now you can purchase  the kits.  Oak Alley features Paula’s Beyond Basics fabric collection.  This is our 3rd version of this quilt and I love this one too.  Belle Meade is what we affectionately call “an inventory quilt”.  For this quilt, Paula picked a fabric for the set-in side triangles and then “shopped” the warehouse for the rest of the fabrics.  Version #3 is just as beautiful as #1 and #2.

Oak Alley Version #3

Belle Meade #3

I was rereading the last blog and realized that I did get a chance to see “Independence Day”.  One of the TV stations showed it on July 5th, so I had myself a great afternoon – I worked on a new quilt and watched one of my absolutely favorite movies.  Life is good!!”

Speaking of good movies – have you seen “Toy Story 3”?  While visiting family in Florida, Peter and I took our niece and nephews to see  it.  Now mind you, I hadn’t seen 1 or 2, so the kids shared #1 with me and I just decided to wing it and see #3 without the benefit of #2.  They reassured me it would be OK.  I’m so glad I went; #3 was fantastic.  And I will admit – I cried.

Tomorrow is an early day and we have a lot of driving to do, so I will close for now.  Remember to check out the website.  The July kit sale is still going on and there are still kits available.  Limited quantities are available for the following kits:  Wheatland, Charleston, Simple Star Red and Black, and Arlington.  Until next time, happy quilting.

Mary Ellen


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