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Pinkberry – good ending to a long day!!!

Let me start by saying this will be a non-quilt related blog tonight.  I might not even mention the words “quilt, quilting, or sew.”

It all started with the photo of Paula’s granddaughter Sophie licking  the last little bit of her watermelon Pinkberry from her cup.  Now you’ve read about Pinkberry in this blog before and you know how much Paula and I love Pinkberry and would desperately love to have a Pinkberry in Houston, but instead we are forced to wait until we get to California before we can get some or take a special trip to Dallas.  Sophie and family live  in Dallas, so they can benefit daily from Pinkberry if they choose.  As soon as Paula saw the photo, she went online to see if there was a Pinkberry in Temecula – where we were headed today – and low and behold there was one.  We now had a goal for today – get to Pinkberry and sample the new flavor – watermelon.  Our reason for heading to Temecula – Paula is teaching a class tomorrow at The Quilter’s Coop.  Can’t wait – we love Joann and the girls at her shop.  It  should be a great day.

What we didn’t know and didn’t remember from a previous trip was just how long today was going to be and just what we had to drive through.  On the way home from Long Beach last year, we stopped in Temecula to visit Quilter’s Coop and Temecula Quilt Shop (2 great stores).  To finish our trip back home, we had to get back to I-10 and to do that we had to go up and over some incredible mountains.  I probably blogged about it last time and included the wonderful picture from our Garmin of the twisty road that looked like someone’s intestines.  Well, it wasn’t until we turned off I-10 and headed into Indio that Paula and I remembered where we were headed.  Paula’s first comment ‘”Do you want to drive?”  You can imagine my reply.  We followed the directions and turned off our AC as we began the 1000’ climb on the windiest, narrowest 2 lane road we’ve ever been on.  Paula made good use of the turnouts so the line of traffic behind her could pass as we creeped up this road.  About halfway up, Paula remarked that it was probably better that she was driving because it gave her something to concentrate on, seeing as she is uncomfortable with heights – not something she had ever shared with me before.

The scenery is incredible (when you can tear your eyes off the road to actually look) – rocky mountains changing to green forest mountains.  Remember though that we are 2 old ladies from the rice paddies of Katy and these mountains just overwhelm us.  The sad part of today’s trip was missing the windmill farms that are on I-10.  I just marvel at the windmills whenever I see them and we missed a lot today because we went through the mountains.  We’ll catch them on the way home, so that’s good.

We did get to Pinkberry and enjoyed our watermelon treat as much as Sophie did, but we decided her picture was a lot cuter than the 2 of us licking our cups!!!  We also found out that they have a Pinkberry happy hour everyday – guess where we’re going tomorrow!!!  Added bonus – Pinkberry is in the same shopping center as Trader Joe’s – I’m seeing a shopping trip in our future.

Sophie and her Watermelon Pinkberry - good to the last drop!

Sophie’s mom, Alison, is Paula’s daughter and I want to share her talent with you.  Alison makes the most phenomenal sugar cookies you can imagine, but she takes them 1 step further with her beautiful artistic decorating.  They are actually almost too pretty to eat – you know how good they are going to be, so you just go head and eat them and try not to look at the beautiful pictures that you are destroying.  Alison has a great blog where she shares stories and pictures of her family, Sophie and her cookies.  I will share a couple of pictures of her cookies, but check out her blog for more:  The Snarg Blog (I’ll let her explain the name).

Cookies for a baby shower

Peacock cookies for a good friend

4th of July cookies - check out the quilt block cookie

Okay, I did mention “quilt” once, but it was in the cookie description.  This blog was about our other favorite thing – FOOD – and today we focused on desserts – the best kind of food there is.

Big day tomorrow and then Wednesday is on to Long Beach and set up.  Hope we’re going to get to see some of you wonderful ladies there.  Be sure to stop by and say hello.

Until next time, happy quilting,

Mary Ellen


2 thoughts on “Pinkberry – good ending to a long day!!!

  1. That Pinkberry by Trader Joe’s is the same one we went to last year! Don’t forget to check out the Pinkberry by Long Beach Convention Center. Within walking distance, so no need to get the truck out of parking.

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