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Thank you California

To all our California and West Coast friends – thank you for a great show.  We had a great time and enjoyed meeting and visiting with so many of you.  AND you did a great job shopping – we’re going home with empty bins and room in the van.  I don’t think we’re planning on any antique shopping on this trip, even though we do have some empty space  that is just calling out for a shopping trip.  I have to get home and get ready for our family reunion vacation in Florida – sun and fun with the family!!!  I will barely have enough time to get the suitcase unpacked, the clothes washed and suitcases repacked before we head out on Friday morning.  Peter has spent the past week in upstate New York, so he’ll be in the same unpacking/repacking situation.

We had a great show and we also had a great time just being in California.  The weather was absolutely wonderful – cool, breezy and low humidity – 3 weather terms not usually associated with Texas summers.  It’s going to be hard to get in that van tomorrow morning knowing we are heading back to heat and humidity.  Sure wish I could pack up some of this beautiful weather in our empty bins.

I did take a couple of pictures at the quilt show and for once they’re not food!!!  Most of you only see our booth when it is all set up and looking pretty and have no idea how it looks when we have just unloaded the van.  I decided to take pictures this time – post van unloading and set up and ready for  the show.   The biggest challenge when you unload is trying to keep all your “stuff” out of the aisle (so other vendors can get by with their “stuff’) and trying to leave enough room in your booth to move around and still be able to set it up.  I think there are times when we touch those bins 3 times before we actually get them unpacked.  (There are some times I think it would be so much easier to just open the bins and let everyone just shop from there.)  I would also like to thank the forklift drivers who helped us with unloading the van on to the wooden pallets that they then moved into the convention center – it was great and such a big help when we are setting up.

Our "stuff"

Close up of our "stuff"

Our booth from the center aisle - we loved the open end.

Our booth

I did get a little sewing done too.  I finished the new version of Second Hand Clothes and it is absolutely beautiful.  It’s off to the quilters when we get home and then I will post a picture.  I was even organized enough to sew the half square triangles  that I need for the Vicksburg blocks I am going to be working on next.  I packed everything I need for cutting and pressing.  This will be my travel “evening” project.  I will need to get this quilt done pretty quickly, so we have a couple of new kits to add to our inventory.  We are saying good-bye to Evangeline, Harriet’s Baskets and Glory Bound Patriotic.  These kits sold out in California.  Our kit sale is still going on and I now some of those kits are getting close to selling out also – Charleston, Simple Star Red and Black and Second Hand Clothes Plaid, to name a few. Paula was busy this trip too – she designed at least 2 new quilts!!  Can’t wait until  she picks fabric and I get to start on them.

Well, tomorrow is the 1st of our 3 driving days and I need to get a good night’s sleep. Paula and I will be sharing the driving and she’s already getting her beauty sleep.  Next challenge – get all of our stuff back in the van.  I’m sure with all of the stuff we bring in, the hotel staff thinks we’re here for a month.

Until next time, happy quilting,

Mary Ellen


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