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Garmin – Friend or Foe?

If you are the proud owner of a Garmin, Magellan, TomTom or any one of the many navigation systems, then you probably know what today’s title means.  Abby (short for A.B.), our Garmin, seems to have a mind of her own.  We left Long Beach on Monday and programmed our destination for the day – Tucson, AZ.  We assumed that we would be leaving Long Beach (after a final stop for Pinkberry) and heading towards I-10 (or The 10, as they call it in California), but the next thing we know we’re heading south towards San Diego!!!  Whoa, what’s going on here?  Well, you know what they say, when life gives you lemons …, or when the Garmin sends you a different way – go to the store that everyone has talked about!!!  AND that is just what we did.  A quick check on Google (thank heavens for the iPhone) and we had the address for The Country Loft in La Mesa programmed into Abby.  However did we survive without all of these devices!!!

The Country Loft is a great quilt store that also offers primitive antiques and quality reproductions. While there, we had the pleasure of meeting JoAnn Mullaly, author of Wool Crazy. She graciously agreed to let us take her picture and even suggested a nice place for lunch (love those personal recommendations on food).  We also saw a beautiful version of Stars Over Fort Sumter by Catherine Hughes.  We loved the softness of the pinks and lights that Catherine used.  Great job on a beautiful quilt.  Quick note:  we love to see our patterns done in other colorways, so please send us pictures of your Bonnie Blue Quilts.

The Country Loft in La Mesa, CA

JoAnn Mullaly and "Wool Crazy"

Stars Over Fort Sumter by Catherine Hughes

Because I thought that Abby would be taking us on I-10, I thought we would be seeing the windmill farms, but instead on I-8 from San Diego we got to see those great sand dunes on the border of California and Arizona.  Certainly not something you ever expect to see.  Traveling across the United States has definitely offered us the chance to see a wide range in scenery.  I saw the Pacific Ocean on Monday and at the end of the week I should see the Atlantic Ocean on my family vacation in Florida.  Coast to coast in 7 days – not half bad!!!

Our side trip to La Mesa left us with a late arrival at our hotel in Tucson, AZ , but what a surprise to discover when we checked in at the Hampton Inn that we were “Guest of the Day”.  We found this bag of goodies and note in our room.  Great idea!!!  We ate the Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies right away.

Hampton Inn "Guest of the Day"

We are back in Texas again and by late tomorrow afternoon we should be back in Katy – YAY!!!!  We’ll unload the van, unpack our suitcases, start the wash and then I’ll repack for Florida.  I’ll be in Florida for a week’s vacation with family, but I won’t be coming back to Texas right away.  Paula and I will be joining Gloria and the wonderful gals from The Olde Green Cupboard at their retreat outside Jacksonville, FL.  Biggest decision now – what should we pack to work on?  Currently leaning towards a couple of new quilts for Fall Market.  Paula has designs ready to go and she can pull the fabrics while I’m away.  Can’t wait to see what she ends up packing for us!!!  AND I am looking forward to the solid piecing time and the fun of a retreat!!!

Check out the new collection that was just added to our website:  Attic Shirtings by Jo Morton for Andover Fabircs.  You are going to love these great shirtings and they are a perfect complement to Jo’s other collections.

Another day of driving awaits us, so I’ll close now and until next time, happy quilting.

Mary Ellen


5 thoughts on “Garmin – Friend or Foe?

  1. Mary Ellen, I had a similar esperience with my GPS on a recent trip. I found out that you should STOP the previous destination, in your case Long Beach. Then start the new destination. On mine the stop is found by pressing menu the where to.

    But you certainly made the best of your “detour”.

  2. I just love the Country Loft, i feel like I’m visiting someone’s home. Hope you girls are home safe by now. One of my friends stopped by your booth and sent me a picture of the booth. Looked great as always, you girls are so creative, keep up the good work. Arla in AZ

    • Thank you for your comment. We arrived home at 7 PM tonight and the van is already unloaded (thank you Amy and Peter) and I even have a load of wash in already. Time to put it in the dryer and get another one going.

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