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Paula as co-pilot

On most of our travels, Paula has been the driver because the truck we use to pull our trailer is hers and I’m just fine with that.  Now that we are renting a Sprinter van, I do some of the driving – no big cities or traffic if I can avoid it!!!  For our return trip from the retreat in Florida, I drove because it was my van AND this time it was Paula’s turn to be co-pilot and navigator.  Now you would think that this is an easy position, but in reality it’s hard.  First  – it’s downright boring , second – you have to stay awake, and third – it’s downright boring.  Our days are long and you are contained in a car – no tv, no internet – basically, not much to do unless you bring a hand project.  Sometimes you bring a hand project and you’re just not psyched to work on it and sometimes it turns out not to be a good car project.  I could write an entire blog on car hand projects that I have tried and have failed and the subsequent whining that goes with it.  There are hand projects that Paula won’t even let bring in the car; apparently I’ve whined too much about them on previous trips.  Oh well.  Sometimes we will listen to a book on tape.  Definitely no more Nicholas Sparks’ books.  We cried so hard during Dear John, that we were afraid to get out of the car because we looked so bad – runny nose, swollen red eyes – you know the look!!!

This trip was hand project and books on tape-free.  It was all about Paula and her iPhone.  If we didn’t know something or had a question about something, she checked Wikipedia.  When the weather looked ominous, she was Stephanie Abrams from the Weather Channel.  She updated me on LSU football  and I shared the Lance Berkman trade to the NY Yankees (I tried to hold up my end of the conversation, too).  She checked the daily and weekly specials at Target, Amazon.com and eBay.  We talked about the retreat and how much fun we had and what we’ll bring for next time.  We talked a little business, but really not much.  She texted Jackie and her daughters and sent some texts for me (I was driving, remember).  She even told me where our orders shipped to yesterday.  Yup, she was BORED!!!!

We laughed, we didn’t cry (no Nicholas Sparks on board), we got a little panicky in the big storm, we snacked (a little), we talked about the great lunch we had the day before,  and basically we had a great trip to end a great weekend!

The retreat was wonderful. Thank you Gloria, Vicki and Heather for all of your hard work.  It really paid off.  We met some new people and made some new friends – Pat, Wynette, Donna, Helen, Lynn and Diane (the pretty one!). We caught up with old friends – Lynn, Lisa, Sue, and Cathy from the Olde Green Cupboard.  All in all, it was a fabulous retreat and I will try to share more (and pictures) in another blog.

Paula and I each worked on a new quilt for Fall Market and I took a picture of parts of each of them.  Let’s see if you’ll be able to figure out what the quilt will actually look like.

Here’s Paula’s:

Pieces of a new Fall Market quilt that Paula worked on.

(Yes, those are small “adorable” flying geese you see there).

And here’s mine:

Parts of the new quilt I worked on.

I also finished the re-do of Vicksburg and we should have that back from the quilters this week.  We will post it on the blog and website as soon as we take the picture.  I think you are going to love this one and the 2 new quilts we worked on.  Tonight I will be cutting out another new quilt for Fall Market.

I’ll even share  a picture of each of us hard at work at our machines!!!

ME sewing

Paula sewing

We are both using new tables from SewEzi.  They are travel tables and the best thing since sliced bread.  They don’t bounce or jiggle while you sew and come with inserts for all different sewing machines.  We could have sold quite a few of these at the retreat.

Until next time, happy quilting.

Mary Ellen


3 thoughts on “Paula as co-pilot

  1. Try The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt or The Enola Holmes books by Nancy Springer. The Missing Marquess is the first one.

  2. love hearing about your traveling side of the business 😉 I often visit but never comment very often – but wanted to say THANK YOU for posting about your table and the link to where to find one. 😉 as I’ve been wishing and dreaming about a sewing cabinet but know that the big BUCK$ for it is never gonna fit into our budget… but this table will! and I’ll no longer have to work with my machine too high up on the dining room table. Thanks! I know what Santa will be shopping for…

    I even noticed they will be at International Quilt Festival – so perhaps this year I’ll get lucky and get to GO! Maybe they will have them on sale at Festival? If not at least I’ll save on the shipping. 😉

    Thanks again!
    Love from Texas! ~Bonnie

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