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Congratulations and Celebrations

Yes, it has been awhile since the last blog, but I have either been working at the warehouse (and sweating from the Texas heat and no AC out there) or sewing on a new quilt.  Paula’s  design wheels have been going at full speed, so the sewing machine is in overdrive.  I take a quick minute to check emails and Facebook, but that’s about it.  Yup, just another excuse.  Paula and I are on the road to PA and then CO, so we are sitting in a hotel in Meridian, MS and I actually have time to write something for the blog.  It’s been rolling around in my head for a couple of weeks and now I finally have a chance  to write it down.

Congratulations and celebrations – this all began with an email from my daughter Megan.  A co-worker’s mom is one of our customers and she had just won her third blue ribbon at the Kentucky State Fair.  Congratulations Sharon.  Here’s a picture of Sharon and her award-winning quilt.

Sharon and her 3rd winning quilt at the Kentucky State Fair

Jackie, our go-to-girl, came back from a recent retreat and shared her prize-winning quilt that she had pieced from fabric she had won in a Strip Poker game at a previous retreat.  Some of the other ladies had made bags and totes, but Jackie made a quilt.  Congratulations Jackie.  Here’s Jackie’s winning quilt.

Jackie's black and white strip challenge winner

I did take some time away from the warehouse and sewing machine for Julianne’s christening in Schenectady, NY.  It was only immediate family and we were really only there for 2 short days, but it was so good to be with family AND the weather was gorgeous – cool and no humidity!!!  Here’s a preview of this year’s Robison family Christmas card.  This one gets a congratulations for getting the picture done without tears and congratulations on a great family celebration.

Robison Family Christmas Card - you saw it here first. From left to right: Caitlin, holding Sydney, Megan, Brett, holding Julianne, Meredith, ME, and Peter

And one last of photo of my beautiful grandbabies:

Pretty pink bow girls - Julianne and Sydney

This next picture is also a celebration.  It’s been a very hot summer in Texas and on the day these pictures were taken, it was too hot to be out in the sun.  Sophie (Paula’s granddaughter) wanted  to be outside, so Mommy filled her big stainless steel mixing bowl with water, put in some bath toys, put Sophie in her bathing suit and went out to the patio.  As you can see, Sophie had a great time, but why is it a celebration you ask yourself – because in the last one (yes, the one where she is sitting in the bowl), I think she is saying “Yes, I fit!!!!!”

Sophie and her bath toy. I just love that happy face!!!

"Yes, I fit!!!!"

Personal celebrations – I have finished 3 of the quilts we will be introducing at Fall Market this year!!!!!  Watch for Spring Hill, A Quilt for Alice, and 1 still to be named.  Paula is hard at work piecing #4 and there will probably still be one more from a new collection.  We also have a number of re-dos of old favorites completed or in the works.  Vicksburg and Second Hand Clothes are being added to the website as we speak.  Jackie is piecing a new Shiloh, I’m working on another version of  Harpers Ferry (browns and blues), and a new Plantation Road is cut out and waiting to be sewn together.  I will add links to the new quilts and photos as soon as they are on the website.  Until then, check out these great new collections:  Spice Chest by Jo Morton for Andover and Journey  Through Time by Judy Rothermel for Marcus Fabrics

Paula and I are on the road again – 2 great quilt shows in 2 weeks.  If you are in the area for either show, please stop by and say hello.

September 16-19, 2010 – Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XVII – Greater Philadelphia Area, PA.

September 24-25, 2010 – Quilt-A-Fair – Longmont, CO.

We would also like to welcome Celeste to the craziness that is Bonnie Blue Quilts.  Celeste will be cutting kits and keeping Jackie company in the cutting room while Paula and I travel and Cindy is vacationing with her newly-retired husband!!!

Until next time, happy quilting.

Mary Ellen


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