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Random Thoughts

Paula and I are nearing the end of our 17 day/ 2 quilt show road trip.  We’ve finished the shows in PA and CO and are heading back to Katy.  Today was day 1 of our journey home and while I was driving across New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle, I was “writing” the blog in my head.  The biggest problem with this was the random thoughts that kept popping into my head and interrupting my train of thought.  Sooooo I thought I would share my random thoughts with you:

… Now that we’ve left Colorado will I finally stop hearing John Denver signing “Rocky Mountain High” in my mind!

… What’s the magic speed for the van that minimizes the vibration in the steering wheel – 72 or 73 mph’s?

… Will New Mexico ever finish the road work on Route 87?  Been this way for 4 years now and man I really hate driving 45 when there’s no one working and no one else traveling on the road!!!

… Hopefully I won’t see a lot of Wells Fargo credit cards at the next show.  Each card I scanned prompted me to sing “Oh the Wells Fargo wagon is a coming round the bend…” from The Music Man.  This tends to scare the customers away and makes Paula groan!!

…When can I make that appointment for the mani/pedi I need so desperately?

… When will I get to see Sydney and Julianne again?

Lydia certainly received rave reviews at both quilt shows and I love the many different names people give the cheddar fabric that is featured prominently in the quilt – mustard, orange, to name a few.

Ok, enough with the random thoughts.  I drove (until it got dark) and Paula worked on a really cute counted cross stitch for Halloween from Bent CreekTrick or Treat Row.  We planned “inventory” for our upcoming shows – PIQF in Santa Clara and Market and Festival.  It’s hard to believe that the quilt show season is winding down for the year.  We always view International  Quilt Festival in November in Houston as the last show for the year.  We’ll have 5 new quilts  for Market and they will each need kits for sale at Festival, so we’ve got plenty of planning to do!!

The quilt shows were a huge success and it was great to see so many of our wonderful customers.  We even had a couple customers that were at both the PA show and Quilt-A-Fair in Colorado.  At least they got to fly from PA to CO.  We, on the other hand,  had a 3 day drive, but we preplanned our stops with a return visit to the Warm Glow Candle Outlet in Centerville, IN on day 2 and a  quilt store in Kansas for day 3.   Be sure  to stop by our booth at Market and Festival to see some of the neat new decorations  we bought at Warm Glow and check out Stitch On Needlework Shop in Lawrence, Kansas.  We met Laura, the owner, and 2 of the lovely ladies that work there when we stopped by.  The front of the shop was beautifully decorated for the Fall holidays and we shopped there awhile before we ventured back to the quilt shop area.  The shop has a great selection of counted cross stitch patterns and wool applique supplies in addition to fabric.  This is where Paula purchased the Halloween stitchery she was working on.  Laura vends at quilt shows also and it turns out we’ve been at some of the same shows – small world.

Warm Glow Candle Outlet - Centerville, IN - that's one big candle

While the quilt  shows were the main focus of our trio, we were also busy doing other things.  PA is home for my son and his family, so I spent Friday night and Saturday with my beautiful grand babies.  Julianne is a wonderful, happy, smiley baby and Sydney is fast becoming a little chatterbox.  We built with blocks (only the ones she wanted me to use), colored (only with the markers she wanted me to use) and read (and reread) Donald Crews’ Freight Train (made this librarian so very happy).  The best part was when she wanted me to sit down on the floor – not something I really enjoy doing, but  it’s amazing what we do for our grandchildren.  We also spent time with our dear friends, Phyllis and Bob from Silver Thimble Quilt Shop of Springfield, NH.

Paula worked on a new Carolina Lily quilt for Market and it is almost done.  I can’t wait for everyone to see this – it is absolutely beautiful!!!  I finished more than half of the  blocks for a new version of Harpers Ferry in brown and blue.  The other kit was such a huge success (only 3 kits left) that we decided to make a new version so more people could purchase  a kit.  I will share pictures of the blocks next time (they are in a bag in the back of the van).

While we were gone, Jackie worked on a new version of Shiloh.  We haven’t had a kit for this quilt  in a long time, but an ideal fabric for the border prompted a fabric-pulling  session for Paula and a new version of Shiloh was born.  Jackie sent pictures, so I will share some.

Blocks for the new Shiloh

Vicksburg and a new version of Second Hand Clothes have been added to the website, so check them out.  Amy also added Blue Hill’s Abigail and is working on Barbara Brackman’s Remembrance.

New Vicksburg

New Second Hand Clothes

We drove as far as Quanah, TX today and tomorrow it’s home to Katy.  1st on our list of things to do – unload the van!!!  Laundry, mani/pedi’s and sewing are next on the list.  It’s going to be a busy week.  So until next time – happy quilting.

Mary Ellen


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