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Texas Fall

Fall has always been my favorite time of year – apple picking, pumpkin picking, fresh apple cider, homemade apple pie, warm sunny days, cool nights and of course, the beautiful colors of the trees.  This is the Fall I would experience when I lived in upstate New York – Cortland, Syracuse and Poughkeepsie – and if you know anything about Fall in Houston then you know I’m missing out on some of my favorite time of the year.  I didn’t even remember my favorite apple coffee cake recipe until December during our 1st year in Houston – no Fall, no apple picking.  But a special thank you goes out to my husband Peter because he has informed me that the temperatures are going to drop into the 50’s tonight and tomorrow night.  The windows are open and he has even requested a blanket for our bed.  I’m not sure about the blanket, but I will certainly enjoy sleeping without needing the ceiling fan!!!!!  It might even be pleasant in the warehouse tomorrow!!!!  Now if I could just get some good apples!!

Paula and I arrived home on Monday from our long road trip to Pennsylvania and Colorado.  We had some great weather on that trip and saw the beginnings of Fall, especially as we drove through Pennsylvania.  Now we are in “get ready for Market and Festival” mode and oh yeah, throw in a trip to California too.  Paula has designed 4 new quilts for Market; 2 are completely done and will come to California and 2 are being quilted.  We also have completed re-do’s on Victory Star and Harpers Ferry and are almost done with a new Shiloh.  The warehouse is humming: kits are being cut and assembled, fat quarter bundles are being cut and assembled and fabric is flying in and out of the doors.

This must mean it’s time for a sale!!!  Starting Monday, October 4th, select kits are on sale for 35% off (we need room on the shelves for the new kits)!  Check out  Arlington, Charleston, Civil War Generals-Blue, Flowers for Clara, Sarah Emma, Savannah, Second Hand Plaid, Simple Star-Red and Black, and Sophie Girl and Sophie Boy.  Quantities are limited, so shop early.  Although not on sale, many of our newest quilts are also experiencing limited quantities, so now is the time to purchase one of these kits before they are gone – Lydia, LeMoyne House, Savannah Homefront, Oak Alley and Harpers Ferry.  We’ve also added some other new items to the Sales Corner.

We’ve been home a week, so it must be time to get on the road again!  Peter and I, yes my husband will be traveling with me this time, will be heading for California on Saturday.  Bonnie Blue Quilts will be attending PIQF (Pacific International Quilt Festival) in Santa Clara, CA from October 14-17.  The show will be at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  Peter is pretty excited about this trip – cool ecosystems to see along the way.  I keep telling him it’s mountains, desert, rocks, mountains, desert, rocks, but he still wants to go.  He just bought a fancy new digital camera, so I’m seeing numerous photo ops along the way – hopefully a couple of good quilt pictures too.  If you are in the area, be sure to stop by and say hello.

It’s also time to do some house decorating.  With Fall in the air, I need to get out my Fall decorations and spruce the place up a bit.  Paula is sooooo much better at this than I could ever hope to be, so she’s coming over on Wednesday to give my house a “Paula makeover”.  Gloria and Vicky, from The Olde Green Cupboard, will be staying with me during Market and I want the house to look special and pretty.  I’ve been buying some nice pieces and it’s time to put them to good use.  I’ll share pictures when Paula is all finished.  Trust me, it will be gorgeous.

Sorry no pictures this time, but I will post pictures of the new quilts as soon as we get them back from the photographer – they are off having glamour shots done!!  So until next time, happy quilting.

Mary Ellen


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