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Driving along

Just a couple of quick comments/thoughts as we drive along through West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California on our way to Santa Clara:

Wow, the scenery doesn’t ever change – mountains, desert, sand, rocks, mountains, desert, sand, rocks!!  Can’t wait to see some more windmills.

Texas Canyon in Arizona is really cool and now I know why its called Texas Canyon.  I always thought it was because it reminded someone of Texas and I couldn’t think of any place  in Texas that looked like this.  Well thanks to a quick search on Wikipedia, I learned that it’s because of the David Adams family from Texas that settled there back in the 1800″s.  Apparently the looks thought there were a lot of Texans up in that area.

Texas Canyon

Is it worth the money to find out what “The Thing” is?  It’s just outside Texas Canyon and you see billboards about it for over 100 miles.  Anyone out there know what it is?

Tucson and apparently Phoenix do not change their time when the rest of the US goes to Daylight Savings Time.  They stay on Mountain Standard.  Did not know that.

There’s a lot of Dairy Queens out here!!!!

Great sign in the back window of a van in Texas (and Alison this one is for you!): “Wedding Cake Delivery in Progress”.  I guess that was supposed to explain why he was driving a little slower than the rest of us.  I wonder if Buddy from Cake Boss uses that same sign as he drives through the streets of New Jersey delivering his cakes!!!

Why the cruise control works for Peter when he drives, but not for me when I drive?

Will we ever get there!!!!!!!!


We’re in Tucson tonight and tomorrow it’s off to the LA area and then Santa Clara on Tuesday.  We have a recommendation for great barbeque in the Montrose area and of course there’s always Pinkberry for dessert.  A stop at Trader Joe’s would be fun too.

Until next time, happy quilting.

Mary Ellen

PS:  Thank you for all of the great comments on my decorated house.  I figure for Christmas, I’ll just move out a Fall decoration and insert a Christmas decoration of the same type in each location.  Example: Remove Fall leaf garland on top of hutch and replace with Christmas themed garland. It’s like those paint by number pictures I used to love, but this time with decorating.  I can do this.  Pictures to follow at a later date.


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