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Thank you Peter

As most of you know, I am attending PIQF with my husband, Peter, not with Paula, my usual travel companion.  She had a family wedding this weekend, so Peter offered to come with me to Santa Clara for this show – his 1st as a vendor.  He has always helped us with loading and unloading the van when we are getting ready to go to a show and when we return and he’s been known to put patterns together and stick Bonnie Blue Quilts labels on our shopping bags, but this is his 1st time behind the counter.  He even helped our good friends Phyllis and Bob of Silver  Thimble this week –  he ran their cash register while Phyllis taught classes and Bob cut fabric.  And today he made his pronouncement – “I’m not cut out for retail.”

Our drive out from Texas was very uneventful.  We took 4 days, rather than 3 very long days and that was a good decision.  We set up on Wednesday and other than taking all 9 hours that they gave us, we only had 1 oops – Peter locked himself in the Sprinter van.  Yes, that’s what I said – he locked himself in the van and he’s given me permission to tell you about it.  It turns out, that if the van door closes and you are in the van, you are locked in and it is pitch black!!!  Fortunately Peter had his cell phone, which only provided a little light and helped him see a little bit.  Unbeknown to me, I had my phone on silent and I never heard the phone ring, so it didn’t serve any useful  purpose there.  Luckily he had the keys with him and was able to use the clicker to unlock the side door and it has a handle that will open the door.  By the time I realized he had called and texted me, he was already out of the van and on the way back to the booth. So much for SOS help.

He’s been a real trooper helping me while  I wait on customers, but he doesn’t like our cash register and wishes we didn’t use so many codes.  He likes Bob’s cash register, but has had to resort to letting customers swipe their own credit cards – he can’t seem to get them to work when he does it.  Personally, I think he’s looking forward to tomorrow when it’s time to reload the van – he likes that physical labor 10X more than this retail stuff.  I’m just happy to have the help!!!!  AND before we left home he suggested that I fly home so I have some much needed time to get ready for Market and Festival.  His plan is to take 4 days for the drive home, stop at some parks along the way and take pictures with his new camera.

And so let me say: Thank you Peter for being there for me.  It’s been fun and I hope I haven’t scared you away from doing this again!!!!

The show has been great and it’s been fun to see all of our California customers.  Our 2 new quilts (Jubilee Celebration and A Quilt for Alice) have been huge successes, as well as our 2 re-do’s (Harpers Ferry  and Victory Star).  They have sold so well, that we will be going home with quite a few empty bins – Peter is really going to love  that for take down and reloading  the van.

He’s also put his new camera to good use at the show and has taken photos of some of the amazing quilts that are on display.  Wow, there are some incredibly talented people out here.  I will share good photos of the booth and the show when we get back home and I have a chance to load the pictures on my computer and sit and work with them.  Here’s a couple to just to give you an idea of how it looks (these were taken with my iPhone, so not the best pictures).  If you look carefully in the 1st one, you can see Jubilee Celebration in the back corner.  A Quilt  for Alice is in the center of the 2nd picture.

PIQF booth with Jubilee Celebration in back corner

PIQF booth with A Quilt for Alice (to the left of Oak Alley)

This is the last show we travel to this year.  The season is winding down and we will end it with a big bang – International  Quilt Market and Festival in Houston – our own backyard.  We are actually very close to being ready – kits are cut and assembled and the quilts are almost all done.  Now it’s time to do the paperwork – prepare the brochure for Market and finish the patterns!!  We hope to see some of you at either Market, Festival or both.  Mark it on your calendar.  Besides you don’t want to miss the beautiful weather in Houston at that time of year.

Until next time, happy quilting.

Mary Ellen

PS – Random thoughts:

Can we convince Ryder/Dodge/whoever to improve the shock absorbers in the Sprinter van?  I thought we would arrive with crumbled bins after all of the rough road we drove over to get here.

I wish farmers would label what they are growing in the fields.  I can recognize oranges and cotton, but I was stumped on the majority of what we passed as we drove here.

California Mexican food is quite different from Tex-Mex!!!!  I’m going to need some good authentic queso when I  get home!!  AND who would have thought that this Long Island girl would ever miss Tex-Mex!!!!

I hope the San Jose Airport has a bookstore and that it is open early Monday morning – I’m going to need a good book to read on my flights home.  Of course I’m going to finish the one I brought with me before Monday.  Saw that Gail Carson Levine has a new one – hope I can find it!

Good bye again.



One thought on “Thank you Peter

  1. Wishes for much happiness in your new home. It seems you are moving forward literally & figuratively! All sounds wonderful and I can hardly wait for the wonderful new fabrics and designs in our future. Best, Meg

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