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Market Set up

Yes, Market is finally here and we were actually ready.  It’s been a really busy 2 weeks since PIQF and I actually wanted to blog and share photos from the show, but I’ve just been doing “stuff” to get ready for Market and Festival.  Peter took some great pictures of the quilts at PIQF and I promise I will share them at another time.  We had a great time out there and now I know why Paula has always enjoyed that show.

But tonight I am going to write about Market set up.  Paula wanted to change the booth up a bit, so she’s been working with JR, her husband, and between her ideas and his construction, we have a really beautiful booth.  JR has a real talent when it comes to woodworking.  He’s made all of our bookcases and display pieces and quilters love them as much as they love the quilts!!!  For Market, Paula put him to work on a stand for our new signs and a trellis for the bed.

Today we loaded everything in the trailer and headed down to the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston.  (Fact 1:  International Quilt Market and Festival are the largest conventions that are held at the George R. Brown.  Fact 2:  There were virtually no hotel rooms for baseball fans the year the Houston Astros were in the World Series – quilters had them all reserved!)  Peter and JR were the unloading and construction crew today.  I think Peter enjoyed that more than the retail end of the business he had to deal with at PIQF!!!  Between the 4 of us, we were able to get everything unloaded, in the booth and set up by 8 PM!!!  Tomorrow we will go back and just give it the finishing touches and call it done AND beautiful.

Here’s some pictures:

This is what the booth looks like while you are trying to set up.  There’s stuff everywhere – in the booth, in the aisle and in other people’s booths!!  You touch every item at least 5 times, just to get it out of your way or to finally put it where it belongs!!

Our booth during set up.

Paula ordered these cool new signs and JR made this great stand to hang them from.  It started out as the flower stand that he made for their daughter’s wedding and then pieces were added to it to make it tall enough for the booth.

This is the stand JR made for our new signs. Don't you just love it!!!

Someone said we needed to have our picture taken, so here we are – not looking too fancy!!!

Paula and I hard at work at the booth.

We weren’t the only ones working hard – Gloria and Vicki from Olde Green Cupboard are right across from us.  Their booth is adorable.  I’ll try to remember to take a picture tomorrow.  Gloria has some great new wool designs you have to see.

Gloria and Vicky setting up

This is a trellis that Paula used in her yard at one time.  JR fixed it up so we could use it in the booth.  Paula added the grapevine, lights, and chandelier and viola, its beautiful  The quilt on the bed is the new version of Harpers Ferry.  Jubilee Celebration is hanging to the right and the original Harpers Ferry is to the left.

Bed and trellis JR fixed for the booth

The sign stand is at the corner of the booth and this is what is will look like for our customers.  Paula made the seat back covers and I put the letters on them.  I wanted a third chair so we could have B  B  Q!  The new quilts in the back are: Madison on the left and Carolina on the right.

Open corner of our booth

And here it is all DONE!!!  For Festival, we keep this space and add the same size space directly across from us.  The bed and quilts will stay where they are for the most part, but we will change the front around.  I’ll be sure to take pictures of that next week.


Hope to see some of you at either Market or Festival or both.  Please be sure to stop by and say hello.

Until next time, happy quilting.

Mary Ellen


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