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And the winner is…Carolina

If Oscars, Emmys, Grammys or Tonys were awarded for the Best New Quilt Pattern, then Carolina would be the Fall Festival 2010 winner, hands down.  Festival is over and Carolina was definitely the star.  Other kits did well, but we sold out of Carolina and now we are waiting on fabric to make more kits.  We had a hugely successful Festival and we wish to thank all of you that came, visited with us and purchased something from us.  All of the 4 new kits and 2 re-do’s were well-received.  The new version of Harpers Ferry was so popular that it sold out at the show and never even made it to the website.  Don’t panic – Paula has already been in the warehouse and is gathering fabric for another version.  Kits for Carolina are currently on back order and we will ship them as soon as the fabric arrives.


Sorry, but I don’t have a better picture of Carolina.  The link will take you to website, where you can see just a picture of the quilt.

Since so many of you don’t get to come to Houston for International Quilt Festival, I thought I would give you a “tour” of our booth.  You’ve seen the 10’x20′ booth we had for Market, so for Festival we just added a 10’x20′ booth across the aisle.  It gives us a really big space and actually looks a little like a store.  It’s nice to have the extra space for customers and it gives us space to set up 2 cash registers.  Now having 2 cash registers (1 on each side) puts Paula and I in a bit of a competitive mood.  She and Jackie were on one side and I was on the other with Cindy, Celeste or Lindsay.  Apparently my sparkling personality was not enough to bring customers to my cash register and Paula beat us in sales every day!!!  Personally, I think she was bribing people to come to her side AND she had the Carolina kits – enough said!!!

Okay, enough with the competition, let’s start the tour.  The 1st 3 pictures are of the front of our booth:

Front of booth

We took the new Bonnie Blue signs off the post JR made for us and put one on each side of the booth.

Left side of booth

That’s Civil War Tribute hanging in the corner of the booth and Glory Bound draped over the fence.  Cindy and her sister Catherine picked up the pretty mums for us on Wednesday morning.

Right side of booth

Savannah in the Moda Homefront collection is hanging on the right side of the booth (it sold out at Festival and is now at my house – love it!!!) and Long Road Home is draped on the fence

Inside the left side of the booth

After Market we moved the bed and trellis to the other end of the booth (3 person job) so we could have room for the cash register and counter at the back of the booth.  The quilts you can see are (from left to right):  Stars Over Fort Sumter (sold out), Carolina, Shiloh and Lydia.

Bed and trellis

Here’s the bed (with Harpers Ferry) and trellis in its new location.  Madison is hanging behind it.  The booth behind us was John Saul’s antiques.  Wow did he have some gorgeous quilts hanging in there.

Inside right side of booth

Paula set up some great vignettes on the right side of the booth.  Here’s a glimpse of the front of the right side.  I’ll share some close-ups of the different areas and quilts.


I love how Paula decorated this bench.  She’s so good at this!!! The quilts are:  Belle Meade (hanging in back), LeMoyne House, Long Road Home and Vicksburg.


Paula bought this table from the Olde Green Cupboard gals and it was just perfect in our booth.  The quilt is Appomattox Court House.

Baby bed

We love this baby bed and it is used in almost every booth we set up.  It’s a great place to display quilts and their kits.  This time it displayed Simple Star (Cotillion collection) on the end (sold out) and Second Hand Clothes (Legacy collection).  On the back wall you can see Promised Land, Victory Star, A Quilt for Alice and Belle Meade.

Rocking horse

No, this isn’t our booth.  It’s the Moda Bake Shop booth, but the rocking horse leaning up against the table is from our dear friends from The Olde Green Cupboard.  It looks so cute in this booth, so I had to take a picture.

Well, that’s the tour.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Festival was very busy, so  I didn’t get out and take pictures of other booths, but we did get a chance to visit with some fellow vendors:  Candy and Bernie from Homespun Quilt Shop and Twyla and Joan from Quilted Memories.  They came out to see the warehouse on Saturday night and then we hit our favorite local Mexican restaurant – Las Mananitas.  A great time was had by all.

Tonight I am writing from my daughter’s apartment in St.Petersburg, FL.  Peter and I drove over from Texas yesterday and today and tomorrow we head over to Fort Lauderdale for our cruise on the Oasis of the Seas – Royal Caribbean’s new big ship.  I am so excited.  The ship is supposed to be amazing and we have a full week to explore and enjoy.  Our oldest daughter will be arriving next weekend, so we will have a small family gathering for Thanksgiving.  I’m sure you can imagine what the next blog will be about.

Until next time, happy quilting.

Mary Ellen


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