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December update

Blog?  What’s a blog?  Oh, that thing I’m supposed to write more than once a month!!!  Well, I guess I haven’t been doing too well with that and I apologize.  I became an official member of the “rat race” right after Thanksgiving.  I feel like I have been going ninety to nothing since I came back from Florida:  Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating, Christmas sewing, BBQ sewing, warehouse sale, website sale, granddaughter babysitting, and husband’s birthday!!!  But I’m sure that all of you have a similar list!!

Christmas shopping – can we say thank you Amazon.com?  My other option was to shop from the great things Paula ordered online and had shipped to the warehouse!!!  It should be a “Merry Christmas” at the Barnes’ house this year.  I did actually venture into real stores on one day, but then it was back to the computer.

Christmas decorating – definitely a “fat free” Christmas decorating this year!!  The tree is finally up and thank heavens it’s a pre-lite tree.  Now if they would just sell them pre-lite AND pre-decorated.  The rest of the decorating was done by replacing the Fall decorations with a corresponding Christmas decoration.  Christmas wreath where Fall wreath was, Christmas garland where Fall garland was – get the picture?  Paula had done such a great job with my Fall decorations that “decoration replacement” seemed the best option.  She calls it “decorating by number”.  Works for me!!!

Christmas sewing – I made some great flannel Christmas Simple Star quilts for family and friends, but unfortunately I don’t have a picture to share with you right now.  I will post after Christmas.

BBQ sewing – this was a tag team effort for Paula and I.  Greystone, Paula’s newest collection, will debut at the beginning of the year, so we needed to make a quilt.  The fabric arrived, we worked a solid 3 days AND it’s done and ready to go to the quilters.  This picture was taken as we were getting ready to piece the rows together and were deciding on which fabric to use for the set-in side triangles (we went with the blue print).  You are going to love this collection and this quilt.  We will start pre-ordering for the kit in January.


Warehouse sale – 2 fun days of fabric cutting and visiting with some of our great customers.  Thank heavens it warmed up for us and the shoppers didn’t freeze while they shopped.  (Really – it does get cold in Texas and we had just had some cold weather and that warehouse isn’t heated!!!)

Website sale – 35% off all cut fabric (regular and sale-priced).  STILL GOING ON!!!!!  Check out the bargains.  The warehouse/office will be closed from Dec 23rd to Dec 27th, so we can all enjoy the holiday season.  Any orders placed during that time will be filled and shipped in the order they are received, when we reopen on the 27th.  (Sounds like a commercial, doesn’t it?)

Husband’s birthday – big 6-0!!!  Fortunately we celebrated with family while  we were in Florida, but we did take time for a nice dinner out!!!

Babysitting for granddaughters – that’s where I am now – Pennsylvania!!!  Brett and Meredith had a wedding in Boston, so Peter and I came last Wednesday and will be heading home tomorrow morning.  Spending time with Sydney and Julianne – WONDERFUL!!!!!  We have had a great time and it is going to be so hard to leave tomorrow.  Now the cold weather – that’s another story.  I left the North, or frozen tundra as I prefer to call it, 12 years ago and I have officially become a southerner – I can’t handle the cold anymore!!!!

Well, I still have a few things to get done when I get back home – gift wrapping, finishing Christmas cards, and relaxing with the rest of my family.  Megan and Caitlin each drove home this past weekend, so they are there already (maybe they’ll consider decorating that pre-lite tree for me – hint, hint) and I plan to spend some  good time with them.  There’s at least 1 shopping trip planned, a couple of movies, and some dinners out at local establishments that Caitlin has missed with her move to Florida.

I know many of you are also in the midst of the holiday madness, so let me wish all of you a very Happy Holidays and wonderful New Year.  Take some time for yourself.  Sit down with family and friends and enjoy their company.  Grab your favorite movie, run to your sewing room DVD (I hope you have one of those, if not add it to your list right now!) and piece something for yourself (or that last minute gift).

Until next time, happy quilting.

Mary Ellen


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