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Wall o’ Fabric

When Peter and I decided to move to Florida, there were so many things I was concerned about: Bonnie Blue Quilts, leaving friends, living in Florida, and our new home – just to name a few!!!!  Plus Peter kept using that “d” word – downsizing – and it was making me a nervous wreck.  We had a good size house in Texas and basically I liked everything I currently owned, so why did I have to get rid of some of it!!!!  AND there was the matter of my sewing room – I was probably going to be adding “stuff” to it, rather down “downsizing” it!!!  As luck would have it, we found a house that was a one story (perfect for people who were getting older and tired of climbing steps – us) and I was able to purge some of our “stuff”.  There is still “stuff” to be purged, but that’s for another day.

I absolutely love my new home and thanks to Paula, I love how pretty it looks.  I thought I would share some photos of my Paula-makeover and I will do that, but let’s be real here: if you are reading this, you are probably a quilter and yes, you would love to see pictures of my pretty house, but what you really want to see is where I sew, where I keep the fabric, how much fabric I have and what kind of sewing machine I have!!!!  And that is why today’s blog is called:  Wall o’ Fabric – because that is what I have – a wall of fabric!!!!

Wall o' Fabric

One of the reasons I fell in love with this particular floor plan was the bonus room/media room at the back of the house.  It is the same size as the game room in our Texas house that I used as my sewing room, plus it  has 10′ high ceilings!!!  I did a lot of planning, measuring and calculating before we moved in and in the end I was able to create a wall of Elfa drawer shelving to hold fat quarter bundles, folded yardage and kits with 2 long shelves to hold fabric bolts – a wall of fabric, 19′ long!!!!  That empty section that you see on the right hand side has since been filled up with BBQ kits.

This is where I spend the majority of my time – at my sewing machine.  It’s a Bernina 440 Quilter’s Edition.  It’s a work horse and I love it.  That white table in the front of the picture is not usually there, but I had been assembling Block of the Month kits when the picture was taken.  You can see a couple of those kits on the table.   I have a Koala sewing table and I keep the back part of the table up so I can store more Elfa drawer shelving (filled with more bundles, etc) under it.  These drawers are on wheels and can be rolled out if necessary.

My sewing table

This is my desk/computer area.  It is directly in front of my sewing chair so I can see the TV.  I watch a lot of TV while I sew: NCIS, NCIS-Los Angeles, Criminal Minds, Covert Affairs, White Collar, Bones, The Closer, Glades, Hawaii 5-O, Leverage, Glee, CSI  – are you sensing a theme here!!!!  And some days, I just love a good disaster movie.  I’m thinking “Day after Tomorrow” would be perfect for this heat!

Desk/computer/TV area

The last wall holds my cutting table (yes, Elfa again) and a couple of bookcases for miscellaneous things – quilt book library, magazines, etc.  And of course, the usual “stuff” on the floor.

Cutting table

I decided that a tile floor would be the best in here – easy clean-up and cool to the touch!!!  Apparently I’m not the only one that likes this feature.  If my husband is out somewhere, our dog Jake loves to curl up under my desk or next to my sewing table.  Copper, Caitlin’s dog, also loves to just come in here and sleep on the nice cool floor.  Here’s my sewing room “friends”:  Jake is the gray Keeshond and Copper is, well, the copper-colored one.  Both are rescue dogs.

Sewing room buddies - Jake and Copper

I love my sewing room for so many reasons: it’s at the back of the house, I can see our pool and deck from the French doors, the AC seems to be extra cool in there, but mainly because it works for me!  The best comment on my room so far comes from my next door neighbor, my sister-in-law Francie (whom I have known since she was 7!!) a non-quilter:  She is standing and staring at the “Wall o” Fabric” and appears to be a little nervous.  Finally she says, “I don’t mean this in a bad way, but if something were to happen to you tomorrow, is there someone who knows what to do with all of this stuff?”  My reply: “Call Paula.  She knows what to do with it”!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Now I did promise pictures of my Paula-makeover, so here’s one for today.  This is my dining room.  I didn’t really want a dining room, but like the kitchen, it came with the house and fortunately I already had furniture that would work in there.  I love the “stuff” on the table.  It’s a mix of antiques (the dough bowl), vintage looking (the horse vane) and handmade (my mom crocheted the doily).

Dining room

And so until next time – keep cool and happy quilting!

Mary Ellen


5 thoughts on “Wall o’ Fabric

  1. I can hear and feel the sheer joy you are experiencing in your perfect
    room. i call mine my “womb” only understood by a certain portion of society.
    May you have years of joy and creativity which brings great happiness.
    thanks for sharing. I am now going to reconfigure my elfa system after the heat wave is gone!

  2. I love your “wall of fabrics”! My sewing room is also my bedroom as I live in a 2 bdrm mobile home my DD has the 2nd bdrm since she moved home after her father passed. My wall of fabrics has taken over my closet and left little room for clothes. Enjoy all your lovely space! Kathy O. in IL.

  3. Mary Ellen your room is wonderful…you’ve inspired me to do something with my fabric storage room…I have shelves from the shop, but it’s not very efficient…I just may have to drive over from Orlando one day and see it in person. Is there an Elfa dealer over there?

    • I’m not sure about an Elfa dealer in Orlando. I bought mine at The Container Store when I was still living in Texas. You can do online, but it is expensive. I also wait until February when they are having their big sale and sale!!!
      Good luck with your room. I love the organization!!

  4. Mary Ellen, I love your wall of fabric! So well organized, and within easy reach. I have been working on organizing my stash with the IKEA basket system. I am so excited to see your new house. We live in the Tampa bay area, so we are almost neighbors 🙂 Enjoy your new home!

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