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Labor Day Memories

I realized today that I really needed to post on the blog and the first thoughts that came to me were all memories of past Labor Days.  Growing up in New York, Labor Day was basically the end of summer:  no more weekend trips to Jones Beach, school started on Wednesday and I had to put away my white shoes, white shorts, white skirts and white cotton pants!!!!  I miss the trips to Jones Beach, but now I live 10 minutes from Pass-a-Grille Beach, so no problem there.  I’ve been out of the education business for almost 7 years now, so no worries about what Wednesday is going to bring (I get to sew!!!!!!)

But I am in a quandary with the whole white clothing issue.  I was raised to believe that white shoes and other white attire were only worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  You may have worn white shoes on Easter because they went with your outfit, but they certainly didn’t appear again until Memorial Day.  So now I find myself living in Florida where white shoes (and other white attire) is worn ALL YEAR and by women my age.  Obviously they can’t hear the same voice I hear in my head that keeps telling me: “you don’t wear white shoes after Labor Day” (Thank you Mom!!!)  Now here’s the other side of this whole issue:  I live in khaki or jean capris, short sleeve knit shirts and sandals!!!!  It’s basically my uniform and has been since we began Bonnie Blue Quilts.  White shoes, white capris or white pants would mean I was getting “dressed up” and I certainly don’t do that very much.  So for now, I’ll put the white shoes on the shelf, but not in a box and maybe, just maybe if I decide to pull out my white pants I may consider wearing the white shoes – but there’s going to have to be a lot of loud music playing to drown out that voice in my head!!!!

Enjoy your Labor Day, wherever you are – at the last summer picnic, the last trip to the beach, the last trip to the mall for those back to school items, ironing your back to school wardrobe while you watch the MD Telethon (another Labor Day memory for me) or just enjoying a much-deserved 3 day weekend!!!  My plans – Caitlin is coming over and we are going to stuff Cotton Club Block of the Month patterns (still!!!!) and watch Season 2 of NCIS-Los Angeles!!

Next blog:  Wait until you see the great quilts Paula and I worked on while we were “retreating”!!!!  I promise it won’t be so long until the next time.

Until then, happy quilting,

Mary Ellen


One thought on “Labor Day Memories

  1. I wore white for a uniform for years and I still think I’m going to work when I put on white. I live in Arizona and we tend to wear white year around also. Happy sewing.

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