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Post-party week!!!

This is the finished post.  I hate the “Publish” button when I meant to hit “Preview”, so my unfinished post published.  Ahh, don’t you just love technology!!!!

Our 40th anniversary party was a huge success.  We celebrated with family and good friends – the best kind of party to have.  And our potential uninvited guest – Hurricane Isaac – stayed away from us.  Megan, like the RNC, was the only one that had to change her plans and stay a couple of extra days.  Luckily she can work from home!!!!  Peter was able to leave on Tuesday for his consulting job, so all was good!!!  He totally hit a home run on my gift.  I’ve wanted a tennis bracelet for awhile and I’ve been pretty particular about what I wanted (apparently downright “picky”, according to my children) and he came through!!!!  Best part – apparently it comes with 10 free tennis lessons!!!!! LOL.

My beautiful anniversary present!!!

With Megan staying for a couple of extra days and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law visiting, I decided to put my sewing aside for a couple of days and concentrate on getting ready for the start of the Freedom Rings BOM program.  The program will be starting in most shops in October, so that means I have to ship out patterns to the shop owners at the beginning of September.  Some shops order their patterns monthly and some like them in complete sets.  I ordered 500 of each of the 7 months of patterns (yup, 3500 patterns) to get us started.  The printer prints color covers separate from the instructions, so they have to be assembled and put in individual pattern bags.  Fortunately I have a couple of helpers, but I always do some myself.  While Megan worked on her computer at the kitchen table, I sat at my table and assembled bags.  What you don’t see in the picture is that exactly opposite my table is my TV.  I watched Season 3 of “The Wire” while I stuffed my patterns and will start Season 4 today (still have month 6 to assemble).  Tuesday will be shipping day!!!

Pattern Assembly Work Station

I also did get back to my sewing – you know I can’t stay away for long – but I will save that for the next post.  I have lots of pictures to share of new stuff!!!

One last picture: this is my granddaughter Sydney in the dress I made for her.  It’s made from that neat ruffled fabric and it’s attached to a cotton t-shirt.  She loved it, but had 1 request: “Grandma can you put some rainbow sparkles on it.”  I sent her home with this one and one for her sister Julianne and told her I would put rainbow sparkles on the next one!!!

Sydney in her ruffle dress – minus the rainbow sparkles.

Until next time, happy quilting,

Mary Ellen


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