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Reorganizing  –  now there’s a word I try to avoid at all costs, but this week I forced myself to attempt it.  I finished the Freedom Rings shipping (insert cheers of joy here) and should have gone back to sewing, but I remembered a request  from my brother-in-law.  My 5 nieces and nephews (that live in St. Pete) attend one of the local Catholic schools and they have been in school for a couple of weeks now.  My brother-in-law had mentioned that their art teacher had sent out a list of stuff that she could use for the art room. Apparently fabric was on the list, so he came to the lady with the 19 foot wall o’ fabric.  I also remembered that I needed to purge some of my STUFF for the sale room at the retreat I will be attending.  So off to the wall I went!!!

So 2 1/2 days later, I have a nicely reorganized wall of fabric – Christmas fabric in one section, baby fabric in another section, children’s clothing fabric in yet another section, fat quarter bundles and coordinating fabric in drawers and all drawers labeled!!!!  Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? You’d think I would have piles of stuff for the school and piles of stuff for the sale room?  Well here’s a picture of what I managed to purge from all my STUFF.  After 2 1/2 days I finally came to the conclusion that I’m just not ready to get rid of most of my STUFF.  It’s my STUFF and some day I just might get a chance to make that quilt I planned when I bought that fabric.  And so my STUFF will stay my STUFF for just a little longer!!!

Purged stuff – pretty pathetic!!!

My sister-in-law came over mid-reorganization.  I explained what I was doing and why.  She applauded my efforts.  She is not a quilter, but loves to look at my fabric.  She was looking at one of the reorganized drawers of pre-cuts, so I was explaining what a jelly roll, a charm pack and a layer cake were and she started to laugh.  It seems she caught me fondling the fabric!!!  And yet another reason why my STUFF will stay my STUFF for just a little longer!!!
Today’s project is the scrapbooking closet.   I have been collecting scrapbooking supplies for years on the off chance that I might actually scrapbook the past 40 years of my life and the individual lives of my 3 children (ages 37, 34, and 25).  That’s a lot of years and a lot of pictures.  I envisioned my retirement as sewing for the business, but taking 1 day a week where I would scrapbook and create beautiful albums – yeah right, like that’s ever going to happen!!!  So today I will be boxing up the scrapbooking supplies – some of the school, because that was on her list too and the rest for my niece in Salt Lake City.  She loves to scrapbook and has an adorable 1 1/2 year old that is the focus of many pictures!!!  My stuff will be put to good use and I am happy!!  Plus I gain another closet for my STUFF!!!  Oh, I hope Peter doesn’t read this.

I’m thinking Monday will be sewing day again.  The new Second Hand Clothes has been calling out to me during reorganization, but I’ve ignored it.  Paula’s been in the warehouse pulling fabric for at least 2 more quilts, so I will have plenty to keep me busy.  Plus I have to finish the last season of “The Wire” before the Fall TV Season begins.  (Thank you Caitlin for creating the chart with the season premieres and start dates!)  Good weeks ahead and I won’t have to reorganize again for at another year!!
Until next time, happy quilting,

Mary Ellen


One thought on “Reorganizing

  1. I totally get it. one should not give up their fabric as it is a part of us.
    did you ever hear the true story of a quilter’s friends who gathered to console her after she lost her quilting fabrics in a house fire. they decided to each give one piece from their stash. everyone of them went to the fabric store and bought a new piece of fabric for their friend and kept theirs. I totally get it. It is such a treasure. Meg

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