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Critter/Beast Update

JR and the critter

No, it wasn’t “Take a Pet to Work” Day!!! That’s JR and the “beast” that he trapped in their attic and he’s off to relocate it to someplace far from where Paula lives.  I thought you might like an update.  The post sparked comments and stories of similar events.  In the original post I mentioned that Faye shared a story of a squirrel in her home and she’s allowing me to print it here.  From Faye’s email:

I saw my dog’s plastic container chewed and I just assume there was a mouse
in my house
the next night when I got home I saw another plastic container with dog
biscuits in it chewed more open
I moved something and a squirrel jumped up into an open cabinet over my
I slammed the door shut
then thought –now what?
bought some mouse poison and opened the door quickly and threw it in and
tied the knobs shut
waited a few days–(banging on the doors each night to hear if it was
then one day when I thought it wasn’t I took a giant black garbage bag
opened the door and it jumped out and ran TOWARDS GOING UNDER MY
grabbed a broom and hit it on the head and it was clearly ailing–pushed it
towards my kitchen door-opened it and swished it out of the porch onto the
ground where it ran screaming into the bushes
I know it was in pain–BUT SO WAS I
but Paula, I felt guilty for days
how it got in my house I can only suspect
and that is a story for market!!
but I have never used so much Clorox and disinfectant in my life to clean
what he left and what I felt might be left!!

so new jersey hillbillies alive and well!!!!!

It can happen anywhere!!!  My niece has a hamster and when he gets loose in the house, my sister-in-law will post on Facebook that she has moved to a nearby hotel until he is found again.  I always laugh, but wholeheartedly agree.  There’s no way I would stay in a house with a rodent on the loose – yes, even a pet hamster!!!

Quilting update:  I decided to make a second little kaleidoscope quilt.  It’s made from Paula’s new Companions collection, so I thought we should have one in our booth at Market and maybe Marcus Fabrics would like one also. (Now my real reason/ulterior motive – when we run out of kits – Paula gets one sample and I get the other!!)  I started the other day and I thought you might like to see how the pieces look when they are first pieced together.

Kaleidoscope pieces

After this step, I am supposed to “randomly” pair up a light/dark piece with another light/dark piece.  Apparently I have an issue with random (just ask Paula, she’ll tell you), so the pieces are arranged on the cutting board next to my sewing machine, so I can practice “Mary Ellen random” or “controlled random”.  I pick up the first pile on the left and match the pieces with 1 pair from each of the next piles and I continue in that order until they are all done.  I avoid pairing the same prints and the same colors.  It’s about as “random” as I can get and even better – it works!!!

Next step – pair up these sets of 4 pieces – randomly.  Now this is where the challenge begins.  I can pair them up and watch for same colors and same prints, but at some point I will probably have blocks with the same colors and same prints.  I won’t be too happy about that, but we’ll see how it goes.

Have to start packing for the retreat soon.  I leave on Thursday, but I’m waiting for 2 boxes from Paula with “retreat supplies” – things for us to work on at retreat.  Rumor has it the boxes contain fabric for a new basket quilt, a new Lincoln’s Watch and a new Civil War Tribute.  Someone has been spending time in the warehouse  playing with fabric!!!!  Can’t wait until the boxes arrive!!!

Until next time, happy quilting,

Mary Ellen


2 thoughts on “Critter/Beast Update

  1. I love your random method it sounds like the method I use! haha when I made promised land I had my entire bed covered with the 1/2 of the 4 patch so I could do my best to match them “randomly”

  2. Your method of random may have something to do with your name because as another Mary Ellen that is my random method! A friend discovered that my “scrappy” really isn’t as I have some sort of pattern or control in mine. My method sounds like yours.

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