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Retreat Fun

I have a lot of pictures to share with you today and I don’t think there’s any quilts or potential quilts in them!!!  Paula and I are at the retreat that our dear friend Gloria (Olde Green Cupboard) sponsors at Camp Blanding  Joint Training Center for the Florida National Guard in Starke, FL.  Yes, we are talking lots of fine looking men in uniform!!!  Now Starke also has a maximum security prison and men in uniform, but we stay away from them!!!  I arrived Thursday evening for 5 fun-filled days of sewing and Paula flew in on Sunday night.  She taught a class on Monday (Lincoln’s Watch) and then we decided to stay for 3 more days and have a mini-retreat with Gloria.

Now, just a little about the retreat:  5 days of sewing with 175 of my closest quilting friends!!!  Yes, 175 quilters and we are all in one large room!!!  It is absolutely amazing to see – 175 quilters and their gear – sewing machines, irons, tables and fabric!!!  Gloria also sets up a sale room and we all bring  in our “treasures” for others to buy.  It’s amazing what some people sell and others are willing to buy.  Here’s a picture of the room and a one of the “foot attire” that you’ll see.

175 of my closet quilting friends


Foot attire for quilting

Camp Blanding is on Kingsley Lake – a perfectly round lake.  Ladies stay in the lodges or the lakeside cottages and quonset huts.  It’s a beautiful setting.  I’ve been good and actually have gotten up and walked a couple of mornings.  It’s been a little cooler and even almost pleasant to walk!!!  I took this picture on one of my walks.

Kingsley Lake

Now the majority of us are quilting, but we have a few others that like to do some personal sewing.  Gloria’s daughter Heather made some adorable skirts for her little girl AND her Halloween costume.  Little Lexi decided that she and mommy should be mermaids this year, so here’s a picture of Heather in  her costume!!!

Heather in her mermaid costume

For our mini-retreat, we’re staying in the Quarters.  We have our sewing machines set up in the living  room – right in front of the big screen TV and we are just sewing away.  Well, maybe not  all of the time.  We’ve made some wonderful friends at these retreats – ladies who work at the camp and quilt with us – and one of them, Wynette, convinced Paula and I to go out with her on her jet ski. Paula went out first and even drove the jet ski by herself.  I got really brave and decided to try  it also.  Wynette was so nice and agreed to go SLOW, but by the end of the ride, I let her rev it up to 30 mph!!!!  I loved it and think I may even have to ask for one as a Family Christmas Present!!!!!

Paula on Wynette’s jet ski


ME on Wynette’s jet ski

Paula even tried water skiing!!!  Now, I don’t know how well she’ll be walking tomorrow, but let’s all give her a high five for trying!!!

Paula and her first attempt at water skiing

Ok, one last picture.  Can you guess  what this is?

Chair lint!!!

Because I live in Florida, I bring all of the stuff Paula and I need for the retreat – 2 chairs, 2 sewing machines, 2 Sew Ezi tables, cutting boards, irons, rotary cutters, etc.  Well, it seems the chair I bring for Paula no longer rolls around and is a real pain in the neck to use AND the reason it doesn’t roll is the lint you see in the above picture.  That’s a combo of threads and dog fur.  Paula, Gloria and I worked on the casters for awhile and got all of this out of the casters, but there’s still a bunch in there, so the chair still won’t roll.  We solved that – bought a new one last night.  Needless to say, Paula is a happy woman!!!

Well, that’s it for today.  The sewing machine is calling.  I have borders to put on a new Market quilt!!!
Until next time, happy quilting,

Mary Ellen


3 thoughts on “Retreat Fun

  1. Wow that looks like so much fun, I was at the retreat and watched the folks on the lake every day. It really looked like they had a ball.
    Glad you got to try that jet ski. I have always wanted to try it.
    Pleasure seeing you at the retreat. I was the one that commented on the raccoon post. (pat). See at the next retreat.

  2. I always look forward to our retreats with you ladies. I’m disappointed I didn’t get to spend as much with you since my grandbaby made her surprise appearance. Next time I hope to get the hands on attention others got from you! LOL! Can’t wait for our time of laughs and stories. See you soon!


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