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Thank you Gloria

Yes, thank you Gloria – for an absolute wonderful retreat and mini-retreat and for all your piecing help.  When I left for retreat my bag was packed with lots of projects (knowing I wouldn’t have enough time to finish them all) and I had a plan.  I also knew Paula was bringing a project or two that we needed to work on while she was there.  This mini-retreat was our big pre-Market planning session!!!  My goal was to finish the second small kaleidoscope quilt, piece the top for the new basket quilt (Paula was bringing the blocks with her) and start on either the new Civil War Tribute quilt or the new Lincoln’s Watch quilt.  Paula was bringing the strike-offs for her new Tavern Reds collection and we would be deciding on what quilt we would be re-doing in this collection.  Yes, definitely lots planned for 7 1/2 days, but we’re quilters, we can do anything!!!

I finished the kaleidoscope – took a little longer than I expected, probably chit chatting too much!!! I worked on the pieced sashing and cornerstones for the new basket quilt and actually finished that at our mini-retreat and in a timely manner. Paula started on the new Civil War Tribute and dear Gloria started the blocks for the new Lincoln’s Watch.  Actually she didn’t just start the blocks, she finished the blocks and I assisted – marking the corner triangles and piecing a few of them.  I came home with finished blocks, that I’ve already pieced into rows and hopefully I will have the quilt top done by this weekend!!!  Thank you Gloria, you were a life saver!!! Now we will have all of our new quilts ready for Market and Festival.  Check out these beautiful Lincoln’s Watch blocks in blues, browns and shirtings.  They are just yummy!!!

Lincoln’s Watch blocks

Paula pieced most of the blocks for the new Civil War Tribute and decided on Vicksburg as the quilt for the new Tavern Reds collection.  The finished CWT blocks and the pre-cut Vicksburg blocks will arrive by mail tomorrow and I will be piecing away until I get ready to leave for Houston.  Red Crinoline Quilts is personally keeping USPS, UPS and FedEx in business as we ship quilt blocks, quilt tops and finished quilts between Paula and I, the quilters and our photographer.  Yes, we are definitely in pre-Market mode!!!!!

Update on Wild Kingdom Barnes’ style:

I had another early morning email from Paula this week.  It seems JR reset the trap in the attic and sure enough, he caught another critter – possum this time!!!  At this rate, JR will soon be called “Trapper John”!!!!

Well, I’m off to see if I can pick up a couple new tops for Market and Festival (a girl’s gotta have some new stuff occasionally) and maybe even a new pair of comfortable brown shoes.  Not too sure about the shoes, though.  I don’t really want to have to break in new shoes while I’m standing on my feet all day!!!  They will have to be super comfortable right from the beginning!!!  We’ll just have to see what’s out there.  Then it’s home and back to the sewing machine and my DVR!!!  I’m still trying to catch up on all the new shows!!

Until next time, happy quilting,

Mary Ellen


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