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Could it be Fall?

Today is a special day!!  It was actually cool enough this morning to open the sliding doors to our pool area!!!  Could Fall have actually come to St. Petersburg over night?  I sure hope so.  I have been anxiously and definitely not patiently waiting for some cooler weather. Lately I’ve been trying to walk 3-4 times a week and I prefer to walk on Pass-A-Grille Beach, but it has been soooo hot and still soooo humid that it’s a chore to get out there.  Today, though, I actually almost enjoyed my walk – 70’s, low humidity, clear sky, light breeze – I could really get into this walking thing.  I may even have Peter get down the Fall decorations so I can decorate the house!!  Now where are those pictures from last year, hmm, sure hope I took some!!!

I try to walk in the morning because then it is back to the house and get to work time.  I’m finishing up the last of the quilts for Market – new and re-dos.  Everything has to be done here by next Friday because on Saturday I am off to Houston to help Paula with the final preparations for both Market and Festival.

I thought I would share pictures of what I have been working on.  I finished Lincoln’s Watch (again thank you Gloria for making these blocks) and it is off to the quilter where she will work here magic.  I love the new colors in this one – brown, blues, and shirtings – yummy!!!

Lincoln’ s Watch – I apologize for the poor picture.

Now I am working on a new Vicksburg and for this one we are using Paula’s new collection – Tavern Reds.  This fabric is just being shown to shop owners now, so you should see it in your local quilt shop in a couple of months.  Here’s a picture of the gorgeous fabrics and then one of a couple of the pieced blocks and alternate blocks.  I finished the blocks last night and I will begin sewing the top together today.  The beautiful stripe you see in the picture is the border, so I think Sunday will be devoted to attaching the border and mitering the corners.  Why does it always seem that 1 border takes as much time to put on a quilt as it does to make the rest of the quilt?????  I just love borders!!! You can tell can’t you????

Fabric for new Vicksburg – Tavern Reds


Vicksburg blocks


My goal is to ship this one to the quilter on Monday and get started on the next one – the last one!!!  I don’t have a picture of this one, but it will be a new Civil War Tribute in browns and pinks.  Paula made the blocks  and I’m just waiting for it to arrive here.  You’re going to love it – it’s pinks and browns!!!

All of these new quilts will have kits and they will all be available on our website after Festival.  Vicksburg will be a little later because we will have to wait for the fabric also.

Now a blast from the past:  How many of you remember Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy??  This was one of my favorite candies growing up.  You slammed the bar on the sidewalk to crack the taffy into bite-sized pieces.  Peter and I had lunch at Munch’s (local great place) last week before we went shopping in Ellenton and they had the taffy on the counter.  Of course I had to buy one AND it was still as good as I remembered.

Well the sewing machine is calling my name!!!  Until next time, happy quilting,

Mary Ellen


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