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And they’re done!!!

I have to remember not to have a Diet Coke (with caffeine) after 9 PM!! It is 3 AM and I can’t sleep.  Usually I just stay in bed and think about all of the things I have to do the next day, but tonight I decided to get up and get something done.  I played Baker’s Game (love it) on my iPad for at least an hour, but now it’s time to be busy.

But let’s get to the reason for this blog.  The title says it all.  Today I finished the last of the quilts for Market!!!!  Hip, hip, hooray!!!  I hope you are all joining me in my cheer.  Civil War Tribute will be shipped to the quilter in just a few hours!!!! YAY!!!!  I finished Vicksburg on Sunday and the blocks for Civil War Tribute arrived on Monday – perfect timing.  Paula made the blocks for this one, so it really went together quickly.  2 borders, but no mitering.

Here’s Vicksburg.  I apologize for the picture.  It really does have a border on both sides!!!  This one features Paula’s new Tavern Reds collection that should be out in just a couple of months.  We will have kits on our website as soon as we have the fabric.

Here’s Civil War Tribute.  Again, not the best picture, but you get the idea.  Browns and pinks – yummy!!!  The kits for this one will be available at Festival and then on our website as soon as Festival is over.

Next is all the paperwork that goes with all of these quilts.  Paula is finishing the patterns, writing the stories and preparing our brochure.  I switch hats from “piecer” to “editor” and review all of the patterns, stories and brochures!  Believe me, I would much rather piece, but the editing is so important.

I also have to start getting ready for my trip to Houston.  I will be gone for 20 days, counting travel, so I have to plan my packing carefully – nice clothes for Market and Festival and everyday clothes for working in the warehouse.  There are kits to be made and patterns to be assembled, so it’s back to  jeans and t-shirts!!  I also have to think about my upcoming meals.  I’ll be staying with Paula, so there will be fabulous JR dinners – don’t worry, I’ve already made my requests!!! But let’s not forget about those great local restaurants that I don’t have in Florida – Las Mananitas, Lupe’s, Rita’s, Black Walnut, Red Oak Grill, to name just a few.  Guess I better be sure to pack pants with an elastic waist!!!!

I’m also looking forward to seeing old friends – Jill, Jackie, Cindy, Sharon, Shirley, Lindsay, Catherine and so many more.  It’s going to be a busy 20 days, but a great 20 days!!!!

Well I had better try to get some sleep or I will be napping later today!!!

Until next time, happy quilting,

Mary Ellen


2 thoughts on “And they’re done!!!

  1. MaryEllen. I just love your blog…especially the story of paula’s animals!!! Were they really in her attic? We’ve had bats under our shutters….ick!!! Have a wonderful market and sell lots. Greet everyone for me. Hugs from South Dakota

    • Twyla – Yes, they were in her attic!! I am heading there tomorrow for my 20 day Market/Festival “vacation”!!!!! I was teasing JR that I was going to ask to see the wrappers from any of the food he cooks for dinner!! I don’t want him slipping in any smoked possum – LOL!!!! Miss you and wish we could see you again. I’ll pass along your hello’s.

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