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Personal sewing

I was all ready to send this out Monday night as soon as I finished it, but I had some computer issues that continued through yesterday.  I spoke sternly to it and let it rest overnight and prayed it would cooperate in the morning and voila it’s back.  I don’t know for how long, so I am going to post this now and move on to the rest of today’s activities!!!  More Market and Festival preps!!!!

Over the past few months I’ve actually had the chance to do some non-quilt related sewing.  I always joke that you should never let  family and friends know that you can sew because you will never know what they are going to ask you to sew/mend/fix/create!!!  In the past year and a half, I have repaired athletic bags, mended blankets, reattached spaghetti straps, revived a beloved stuffed animal, made new chair  cushions and advised on numerous projects.  I have drawn the line on replacing buttons.  I don’t do buttons; it’s why they invented safety pins!!!!

I also had the opportunity to make some dresses for my little granddaughters.  At Market last year, Paula and I feel in love with the pre-ruffled fabric and each of us came home with 2 different pieces.  Check out their website: Ruffle Fabric –  for suggestions on how to use the fabric.  Back in August I made Sydney and Julianne each a dress with the red fabric.  For each of the dresses I made for them, I purchased t-shirts and attached the fabric to them.  Fast and easy!!  Here are the red dresses and Sydney modeling hers.  She and daddy were in St. Pete for our anniversary party, so she got hers first.  She loved it and had to wear it home on the plane.  Her only request: “Grandma, can you put some sparkles on it”!!!  Ahhh, a girl who loves bling!!!!  Needless to say, I had nothing to bling it up with, so she wore it plain.

Part of my pre-Market plan was to send Halloween buckets to the girls before I left for Houston.  I finished the quilts and decided the girls needed the other dresses I was planning and they should go in the Halloween buckets.  So Thursday night I whipped up these 2 little dresses and sent them off with their other goodies.  I’m hoping the pink heart on the shirt will distract Sydney from the lack of bling again!!!  I think I will have to hit the crystal booth at Market this year.

Most of the other sewing was kind of dull, but I did make new cushions  for 2 wicker chairs my sister-in-law purchased at a second hand store and 2 pillows for her porch glider.  I took her to JoAnn’s for the fabric – that in itself was an adventure!!!  A non-sewer in a sea of fabric!!!!  Sensory overload!!!!

I arrived in Houston on Saturday and have been busy getting last minute things done for Market and Festival.  By 5 pm on Saturday (remember I arrived at 1 pm) I had already enjoyed a fajitas at Lupe’s and frozen custard at Rita’s.  I’m just knocking those food items and restaurants off my list!!!  JR has also been feeding us well – gumbo one night and chicken tetrazzini last night – yummy to both!!!  Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring – food-wise that is!!!


One thought on “Personal sewing

  1. look at you, all creative and stuff! LOL!
    I used to sew little dresses like that for my baby girl… She is 25 now, so I think they would be a bit scandalous if I made her wear them now. LOL!
    I have the most horrible time finding restaurants in Houston downtown. They seem to shut down everything! I can’t do Mexican, so I can’t copy your adventure to Lupe’s. Do you have any other suggestions that might be opened next weekend?

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