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Market – Day 1

Today was Day 1 of Fall Market 2012!!!  Thursday and Friday were set up days, so we were ready for a less physical day!!  Market set up is usually easier for us because we don’t have to bring in the bins that are packed with our kits and bundles.  Setting up for Market is closer to decorating your home than setting up for a sale.  We load in furniture, our quilts and some patterns and Paula makes it look pretty!!!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a lot of work!!!  I am already taking Aleve in preparation for the sore muscles and aching back associated with Festival set up!!!!

I know we’re supposed to be there to market our patterns to quilt shops, but it felt more like a reunion party.  We got  to see so many of  our good friends, buy some new Tuto rolling bags AND we even sold a few patterns (Jill, the bookkeeper will be so proud)!!!

I had hoped to take pictures and post them last night, but I had some computer issues. I think the poor thing is homesick!!  I finally had the chance today and low and behold my computer decided to work. I’ll post the pictures in order – moving from the front of the booth, then to the left side and ending on the right side.

Booth from the aisle.

Left side of the booth. Old Abe is draped on the fence and the new Second Hand Clothes is hanging up.

Inside the booth. That’s our new trellis and swing. New Appomattox Courthouse in the swing, Carolina on the table, the new Civil War Tribute in pinks and browns and Charlotte hanging next to Second Hand Clothes.

The prettiest quilt is hanging in the center of the booth – River Road Baskets!! 2 of the 3 minis are in front, Regimental Stars is hanging to the right of River Road Baskets and then a new Lincoln’s Watch.

Right corner. Antiques Star, Market Square, Promised Land and our BOM – Freedom Rings. On the table is the 3rd mini in a frame and Lizzie’s Scrap Bag.

Star of the West is hanging on the corner and James River Red is on the table.

WOW –  Who knew you could get that many quilts in a 10′ x 20′ booth.  19 quilts and we have about 10 more to add for Festival!!! Plus more furniture and our kits AND only 10 more feet!!!  You gotta love a challenge.

If all goes well with my computer, I will try and post pictures of some of the other booths tomorrow.  I’ve done some quick looking, but tomorrow I’ll be sure to bring my camera along.

It was a long day and the bed is calling!!  Until next time, happy quilting.

Mary Ellen


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